is a specific website dedicated to provide different microwave ovens reviews for general public. The team of has highly skilled and experienced people that work very efficiently for collect latest information about microwaves.

The sole purpose of our team is to find out high quality and high-tech microwaves that are worth buying. As a team, we work really hard to do research to find out best microwaves and we also do real-life testing to know the performance of each microwave.

Who We Are

We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people to create lists of high grade microwaves, mini microwaves, camping microwaves, battery powered microwaves, microwaves for car and much more. We do research and testing first then our creative writer creates content for our website.

Our team has 25+ people including experts of analytics, R&D, journalism, market research and others. We utilize our experience and skills to add more value to our content on so that it can help common people to get the best quality microwave for their home, office, car and RV.

What We Do

We have been using microwaves personally and professionally for 12+ years. From countertop microwaves to battery operated microwaves, we have used them all. We share our experience and testing results to provide our microwave reviews with real-life performance analytics.

Our team is actively collecting the latest data of microwaves and the new technology coming with them. During the research, we focus on quality, performance and power consumption of microwaves. Then we evaluate each microwave to know if it is worth adding in our list.

We do months of deep research and testing to prepare the list of best microwaves and then we recommend them on our blog at

Why Trust Us

We are a team of highly experienced people who know everything about microwaves. Moreover, everyone in our team is an independent person without any sponsorship or personal connection with any microwave brand. We don’t take any sponsorship as it affects our honesty towards you i.e. the public.

You can trust us because we are completely honest and unbiased with each microwave unit. We don’t assume any microwave to be good or bad without testing it in real-life. We do a thorough research to know the truth of every microwave oven and provide review based on the result of the research.

Our Purpose

We have created this blog with a purpose to provide 100% honest microwave reviews for customers. We are here to share our personal experience and testing results for each microwave oven so that you can choose the right microwave for your family.