Best Battery Powered Microwaves

Best Battery Powered Microwave in 2023 – Top 7 Most Purchased

In present time, you can find so many Battery Powered microwaves that offer great features and are suitable to use indoor, outdoor, car, RV and other places.

I have done that research and testing for you, so get ready to find the best battery powered microwave oven for outdoor use.

The microwaves are nothing new for me as I have been using countertop microwaves for 12+ years and they work great but I can’t take them to camping or on trips. So, I decided to check all battery operated microwave ovens available in market.

What’s So Special in Battery Powered Microwaves?

When I heard about new cordless microwave, for first time, I wasn’t sure if they have anything special. Later, I did some research and checked what this new technology offers.

The battery operated microwaves are designed to work anywhere, anytime and they don’t need a power outlet nearby. The portable and cordless design of these microwaves allow you to use it on the go.

Suppose, you are going in a car for your office work and will reach your destination at 16:00 Hrs. So, you can use the portable microwave for car to heat up your food right in your car and eat it warm.


My Top Recommendations – Battery Powered Microwaves

After checking all portable microwave ovens available in market, my team and I selected 20 battery operated microwaves that we considered in our testing & research.

As a result, we found 7 battery powered microwaves that offer great performance and you should consider them for your purchase.

My recommended microwaves are not influenced by any brand/sponsor, so I provide honest opinions about each portable microwave that I have tested myself.

Here is the list of top 7 battery powered microwaves for you.

FORABEST 2-in-1 Portable Food Warmer

FORABEST 2-in-1 Portable Food Warmer

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Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

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Real Nature Portable Oven Food Warmer

Real Nature Portable Oven Food Warmer

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Koolatron Heating Lunch Box Stove

Koolatron Heating Lunch Box Stove

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Aotto Portable Oven Food Warmer

Aotto Portable Oven Food Warmer

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Benooa Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Benooa Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

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Alfredx Portable Oven Food Warmer

Alfredx Portable Oven Food Warmer

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#1. FORABEST 2-in-1 Portable Food Warmer

FORABEST 2-in-1 Portable Food Warmer is a complete lunch box with a microwave oven with 1.5 liter capacity and a carry bag. The manufacturer has designed this device to work as a regular microwave at home and as a cordless microwave during travel.

I have used this portable microwave and with 50W heating system it heated up my food in just 30 minutes. However, the heating up time varies for different food items and the outside temperature.

During winter season, this leak proof microwave may take up to 50 minutes to heat up your food.

This food container is made of stainless steel that is sturdy, durable and 100% hygienic. The outer box is the microwave that is easy to use for anyone. Simply put the food in steel container & shut it, put it in the outer box & shut it, close the clasps and connect it with your car battery or a power outlet at home.

What We Like
  • Stainless Steel Container Keep the Food Safe and Prevent Leaks
  • Include Steel Spoon and Fork for Eating Convenience
  • Take Only 25 to 50 Minutes to Heat Up the Food
  • Dishwasher Safe Steel Container is Easy to Clean
  • Carry Bag Allow Easy and Safe Carrying During Travel
What Need Improvement
  • If you lose its lid or other part, you can’t get it from the manufacturer

My Opinion:

I have used this FORABEST battery operated microwave oven for a long time. The manufacturer has said that it takes 25 to 50 minutes to heat up the food but for me, it has worked faster to get my food warm in just 30 minutes.

I liked its leak-proof steel container and the carry bag that let me take my lunch box cum food warmer anywhere. Its 2-in-1 design allowed me to use it at home, in car, during camping and other places. Overall, it is one of the best battery powered microwaves that I have ever used.

#2. Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven is a food warming tote lunch bag with 12V connector cable. It is a rectangular shaped cordless microwave that is compatible with 12V batteries installed in cars, trucks, RVs, vans and other vehicles as well.

It is available in different colors with attractive design and a secure zipper closure. It offers a large inner space to allow you to keep up to 1.42 liter of food at a time. It takes around 60 minutes to heat up the food and may take longer for frozen food. It can hold the food temperature for up to 12 hours.

It is compatible with all flat bottom containers like metal, glass, plastic, cardboard, aluminum foil and Tupperware, the container should have a lid for proper sealing.

The Hot Logic battery powered microwave has a handle on its top. You can carry it easily with one hand and take it with yourself wherever you go.

What We Like
  • 1.42 Liter Capacity is enough to store one person’s food
  • Compatible with Most Flat Bottom, Sealable Containers
  • Take Only 30 to 60 Minutes to Heat Up the Food
  • 12V Connector is compatible with all cars, trucks and RVs
What Need Improvement
  • Does Not Include Any Food Container
  • The Heat Up Time is Too Long for Frozen Food

My Opinion:

Frankly speaking, I have used this portable microwave oven from Hot Logic for long trips in my car and sometimes with my truck. It works well and does its job properly but I found it a bit slower compared to FORABEST microwave that I have used earlier.

The design, build quality and zipper are great, I haven’t found any issue. The Hot Logic has remained my food warmer for a long time and it has never disappointed me.

I have noticed that it takes 60 to 90 minutes to heat up my food but sometimes it takes longer. So, I had to connect its plug into my car at least 2 hours before my lunch time.

#3. Real Nature Portable Oven Food Warmer

Real Nature Portable Oven is a slow cooker as well as food warmer like a regular microwave oven at your home. Unlike other battery powered microwaves I suggested above, this personal oven food warmer can cook the raw food and can also heat up the leftover food or already cooked food.

This mini microwave comes with a power cable that you need to connect with your car’s battery socket which is also called Cigarette lighter socket.

It takes around 2 to 3 hours to cook the raw food and only 30 to 40 minutes to heat up the readymade food that was cooked earlier at home. It comes with 1.5 liter capacity with black and blue color options.

This portable microwave is made of durable poly canvas material with aluminum insulin lining to offer long lasting use. It also has PE foam to protect the lunch box inside. Its package contains the portable oven and cable, the lunch box is not included.

What We Like
  • Poly Canvas with Aluminum Insulin Lining Offer Durable Use
  • Take Only 30 to 40 Minutes to Heat Up the Food
  • Can Cook the Raw Food in 2 to 3 Hours
  • Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Use for All
  • Compatible with All Containers with Flat Bottom and Tight Sealing
  • Shoulder Strap and Top Handle Allow Easy Carrying
What Need Improvement
  • Customers Claim that It Stop Working After Some Months

My Opinion:

I heard about the portable food warmers but this one has changed my life. When I used it first time, I thought how it can cook the raw food but it really did it in just 2 hours and 30 minutes.

I would highly recommend this portable microwave for slowly cooking your food on the go.

Every morning, i prepares my lunch box and I leave at 10:00 Hrs for my work. I take lunch at 13:30 Hrs, so I turn on my Real Nature battery operated microwave at 12:30 and guess what? It gets my food heated by 13:15, so the food is warm and ready to eat on my preferred time. So, it’s a worth buying microwave for using in travel time.

#4. Koolatron Heating Lunch Box Stove

Koolatron Heating Lunch Box Stove is different from all 3 microwaves I have suggested above. It is made with durable ABS plastic exterior and premium aluminum interior that is safe for food storage. The aluminum interior makes it easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth.

It is a sturdy ABS lunch box cum battery operated microwave that heats up the food at a rapid speed. It can generate heat to raise the temperature up to 300°F to heat up the food faster or cook the raw food within a certain period of time.

It includes a 6-feet long power cable with 12V plug that can easily reach to the cigarette lighter socket of your car. There is a cable storage given on back of the lunch box that will keep the cable safe when not in use.

Its 1.5 liter capacity provides enough space for one person’s food.

This portable microwave oven has a secure clasp on front, you should shut the oven tight when heating up your food. It also has an LED indicator to show up red light when the lunch box stove is on.

The handle on top allows you to carry it anywhere you go.

What We Like
  • Premium ABS Construction Make It Sturdy and Durable
  • Aluminum Interior Allow Easy and Quick Cleaning After Use
  • Rapid Heating System Can Cook and Heat Up to 300°F Temperature
  • Long Power Cable with Storage on Back
  • Top Handle Allow Easy Carrying During Travel
What Need Improvement
  • Users Claim that It Doesn’t Heat Enough to Cook Anything
  • May Take More than One Hour to Heat Up the Food

My Opinion:

I have used this heating lunch box from Koolatron and I found it sturdier than other portable microwaves. Its premium ABS plastic outside and aluminum inside really impressed me, plus it has a clasp for secure closing and hooks on its back for storage of the power cable cord.

The manufacturer claims that it can heat at high temperature up to 300°F that is great for cooking and heating process. But it doesn’t reach that high in temperature and I didn’t find it so effective for cooking purposes. It works well in heating up the food that’s really good.

I suggest you to get this cordless microwave for heating up your food in the car, SUV, truck and RV. In case you want it for cooking raw food on the go then I won’t recommend this one.

#5. Aotto Portable Oven Food Warmer

Aotto Portable Oven Food Warmer is a battery powered microwave with automatic temperature control function. It is a large, rectangle lunch box made of high quality nylon outside and aluminum insulin inside. It comes with up to 1.7 liter food capacity.

This 2-in-1 portable microwave oven contains a heating plate that can cook raw food and reheat cooked food at anytime. You just need to connect its power cable to the 12V cigarette lighter socket of a car or the 24V socket of a truck, RV or other vehicle.

You can cook the raw food/meat in 50 to 70 minutes with 24V battery power and 70 to 90 minutes with 12V battery power.

The same way, you can reheat the cooked food in 40 to 60 minutes with 24V battery and 60 to 80 minutes with 12V battery. The refrigerated and frozen food may take longer to get heated.

This cordless microwave can heat the food and maintain its temperature to keep it warm. The food won’t smell bad even if you open the microwave after a few hours. It is compatible with most sealable containers with a flat bottom including glass, plastic, steel, cardboard and aluminum foil.

What We Like
  • Compatible with Any Car or Truck with 12V or 24V Socket/Port
  • Ideal for Cooking Raw Food and Heating Up Cooked Food
  • 1.7 Liter Capacity Can Heat Up So Much Food At Once
  • Top Handle and Shoulder Strap Allow Easy Carrying
What Need Improvement
  • Users Claim that It Stops Working After a Few Months

My Opinion:

The performance of this portable lunch box is quite impressive. I have used it in my car and also in the mini truck, it worked well with both the 12V and 24V lighter ports.

Some users complain that it stopped working in a few weeks/months but mine is still working.

#6. Benooa Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Benooa Electric Lunch Box Food Heater is a portable microwave oven that can work everywhere. It comes with an AC plug and a DC plug so that you can use it at home, office and other indoor places as well as in car, truck, SUV, truck and RV like vehicles.

The Benooa battery powered microwave is a complete package of lunch box with power cable, food container, fork & spoon and a carry bag. The microwave also has multiple claps for secure locking when the food heating process is going on.

It provides 45W fast heating to heat up the food in just 30 minutes. You don’t need to wait longer, just plug in the power cable into your car’s cigarette lighter port half an hour before your lunch time and your food will be ready to eat on time.

What We Like
  • Contain Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Fork and Spoon
  • Ideal to Use at Home & Office As Well As in Car & RV
  • 45W Powerful Heating Take Only 30 Minutes to Heat Up Food
  • Claps Shut the Microwave Securely for Safe & Fast Heating
  • 1.5 Liter Capacity is Enough to Keep One Person’s Meal
What Need Improvement
  • Users Claim that It’s Not Safe to Heat Up Soups in this Microwave
  • Some Users Faced No Heating Issue After a Few Months

My Opinion:

When I got this for first time, I thought it’s a FORABEST microwave oven as the design is almost the same. After I started using it, I noticed that it works quickly to warm up my food but it also leaves spills of liquid when I put my soup for heating up.

I have used this portable microwave from Benooa at my office and also in my SUV, it worked well at both place. In my opinion, it works better at home and office compared to cars, trucks, RVs and other outdoor uses.

#7. Alfredx Portable Oven Food Warmer

Alfredx Portable Oven Food Warmer is a microwave oven for cooking raw food and heating up leftovers. It is available in black and blue colors and it comes with a DC power cable with a 12V plug to connect with the lighter port of any car.

It is a combination of a cooker and a food heater in a compact form. It contains a heating plate placed inside the box. you need to put your food container on this plate and shut the oven.

You can use any flat bottom container with sealable lid to heat up your food/soup without leaking.

The large size of this battery powered microwave offers up to 9 liter capacity. So, you can cook or heat up plenty of food in this heated lunch box for your entire family.

It does not have any timer and it maintains in-box temperature between 140°F and 230°F to keep the food warm and prevent it from burning.

What We Like
  • Large Size Portable Microwave, Suitable for Family Use
  • Simple and Powerful System, Heat Up Food in 1-2 Hours
  • Removable Shoulder Strap Make It Easy to Carry
  • Maintain Inside Temperature to Prevent Food Burning
What Need Improvement
  • Users Complain that It Stops Working After Several Uses

My Opinion:

The Alfredx Portable Oven is the largest battery powered microwave oven I have used this year. It offers 9 liter capacity that allowed me to heat up food for me, my husbund and two kids when we were on a one-day trip in my car.

I have used it mostly for heating up the food and rarely to cook raw food but it has worked well every time. It took 40 minutes to warm up my food in summer and 60 to 90 minutes in winter. It also kept the food warm for a longer period to keep it ready to eat for my family.

What to Look for in a Battery Powered Microwave

When you think of buying a microwave that works on battery, you have so many queries in your mind. It is important to check each query and fix it so that you can be clear and confident to choose the right microwave that meets your expectations.

Here I provide a few tips to help you understand what you should check in a battery operated microwave at the time of purchase.

Build Material:

You should check if the microwave is made of good quality materials. The outer material should be sturdy, while the inner material should be food-safe and stain resistant.

Food Capacity:

It is important to know the capacity of a portable microwave oven. It can be 1.3 liter, 1.5 liter or 1.6 liter or more. You should choose the microwave food warmer that has enough capacity to store your one time meal at once.

Microwave Size:

The microwave size can be different based on its shape, style and capacity. If you choose a high capacity microwave oven, it will be larger in size than others. You want a portable microwave that you can carry in your car or RV, so keep an eye on the size at the time of purchase to check if it will fit in your car.

12V or 24V Plug:

Most battery powered microwaves come with either a 12V plug or a 24V plug. Most cars, SUVs and mini vans/trucks have 12V lighter ports. You should check the port of your vehicle and choose the microwave with its compatible plug type to use it properly.

Cooking+Heating or Only Heating:

Some battery operated microwaves offer cooking plus heating, while others offer only heating. If you want to cook raw food during travel, you should choose a slow cooker cum heater microwave otherwise go with a food warmer lunch box.

Heating Time:

Most microwaves work with either 12V car plug or 24V truck plug but the heating time is different in each of them. You should choose a portable microwave that heats up food fast and keep it warm for a long time without burning it. An average heating time of a microwave is 30-40 minutes.

Shoulder Strap and Handle:

The portable microwaves are designed to use for travel. Therefore most battery operated microwaves come with a handle to allow easy carrying, some also include a shoulder strap. The strap and handle let you carry your microwave cum lunch box anywhere you go.

After looking for all the above features, you can pick a perfect cordless microwave oven that meets all your needs and expectations.

Our Research and Testing: Battery Powered Microwave

When I heard about portable microwaves than run on batteries, I wanted to buy one ASAP. So, I asked my team to check all the battery powered microwave ovens and food heaters/warmers in market. Along with the team, I also checked portable ovens from different brands.

After a month of online research, my team shortlisted the microwaves that are high quality, safe to use and have enough food capacity. My team prepared a list of top 20 battery powered microwaves and we bought all of them for a thorough research & testing process.

I received all microwave ovens within 3-4 days and then the real work began i.e. performance testing. We decided to use each battery operated microwave for one month to check its quality, performance, safety, durability and other aspects.

After several weeks, our portable microwave testing process got over and my team prepared the final top 5 list that I have shared above. Out of 20 different microwave ovens food warmers, 5 microwaves performed much better than remaining 15 and that’s why I chose them to share with you.

My entire team works for research and testing of useful products such as microwaves, mixers, grinders and other useful products. We don’t take any sponsorship, we do real-life testing and recommend top quality products based on our testing results.

FAQs about Battery Powered Microwaves

The battery powered microwaves are useful frequent travelers. I have shared top rated portable microwaves that are worth buying in 2023 still if you have any doubt, you can clear it with following FAQs.

Q.1 Can a microwave be battery powered?

Answer: Yes, a microwave can be battery powered and I have recommended 5 battery powered microwaves that you should consider for your purchase.

Q.2 Which battery does a portable microwave require?

Answer: A portable microwave requires a 12V DC battery that is used in all cars, trucks and RVs across the country.

Q.3 Can I use a microwave with my car’s battery?

Answer: Yes, you can use a microwave with your car’s battery, you just need to plug-in its connector into the socket given in your car and the microwave will start working.

Summary: Have a Warm Meal

The portable microwaves that run on batteries are very useful for frequent travelers like me. They work with any car, SUV, truck, RV and other vehicles. With help of a microwave food warmer, you can eat warm food everyday even if you are out of station or on a highway.

Simply pick a battery powered microwave oven from my recommended options and eat a warm meal during travel.


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