Best Microwaves with Big Buttons

Top 5 Best Big Button Microwaves for Quick Access

The seniors (elderly people) often prefer a microwave with big buttons. Because the big buttons provide better visibility and easy access. Not just elderly, many young people (like me) also choose a best big button microwave over a microwave with tiny buttons.

I prefer simple gadgets for easy & quick access. If you are like me then you will be happy to have a microwave with big buttons for your cooking needs.

How We Picked Microwaves with Big Buttons

When I heard about big button microwaves and their functions, I discussed everything with my team. We took 10 days to find out 15 best microwaves with big buttons and easy to understand control panel. I bought all 15 microwaves for real-life testing to know their actual performance.

My team and I tested each big button microwave oven for 6 to 8 months. Thereafter my team prepared the list of top 5 microwaves with big buttons that are better in our selected 15 microwave ovens.

At the end, I decided to share my selected 5 big button microwave ovens with you. I will also share my personal experience with all five microwaves so that you can know if they are as good as claimed by the manufacturer.

I hope that my research and testing results will guide you to choose a good quality microwave. At the time of selection, you should also keep your priorities in mind. It will help you get a microwave that has everything you need.

5 Big Button Microwave Ovens for Easy and Quick Access

After checking and using many different microwave ovens, I selected top 5 big button microwaves for you. I am going to share those five microwave ovens and my experience of using them.

My experience will help you choose a right microwave with big buttons and large display with all features.

#1. Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Best Microwaves with Big Buttons


Power Levels 10 Power Levels
Auto Cook Menus 7 Preset Menus
Food Capacity 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Turntable Size 9.6-Inch
Child Safety Lock YES
5 (Five) Star Ratings 77%

Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is a compact microwave with big buttons and a knob. It provides 10 different power levels so that you adjust temperature for each food dish. It can cook, reheat and defrost all types of food easily and efficiently.

This Microwave comes with 0.7 cubic foot food capacity with 9.6-inch glass turntable. With 7 auto cook functions, this big button microwave can prepare any popular food.

You can use auto cook for popcorn, rice, oatmeal, potato, fresh or frozen vegetable and corn on the cob.

For frozen meals, it has a big defrost button. You can use that button to thaw frozen meat or chicken by time defrost or weight defrost. The large LED display shows clock, timer and other settings.

It has +30-Sec button to add more 30 seconds of cooking time for your food. The glass turntable rotates in 360-degree to cook the food evenly. It also has child safety lock to prevent unsupervised access. Press Stop/Cancel button for 3+ seconds to activate child lock and long-press the same button again to unlock.

Why You Buy
  • Large, Bright LED Display and Interior Light
  • Easy to Read Control Panel with Big Buttons
  • 10 Power Levels for Adjustable Inner Temperature
  • +30-Sec Button Add More Cooking Time on Demand
  • 7 Auto Cook Menus for Popular Food Dishes
  • Child Safety Lock Prevent Accidental Use
  • Thaw Frozen Meals with Defrost by Time or Weight
  • Does Not Have ECO Mode

My Experience:

I bought this big button microwave from Galanz for my maid. Its easy to read control panel and bright LED display impressed her on first day. She started using this microwave oven in April and she learned everything about it in a week.

Recently, I asked my maid if the microwave is good to which she replied that it’s awesome. She told me that she and her mom love this microwave for its beautiful design and simple features. There is no button to mute its sound/beeps but its performance is really good.

#2. Toshiba Countertop Microwave Oven

best Big Button Microwaves


Power Levels 10 Power Levels
Auto Cook Menus 6 Preset Menus
Food Capacity 0.9 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Turntable Size 10.6-Inch
Child Safety Lock YES
5 (Five) Star Ratings 74%

Toshiba Countertop Microwave Oven is a big button microwave with ECO mode and child lock. It provides 0.9 cubic foot capacity and 900W power consumption.

You can cut the power consumption by 50% with ECO mode when it is not in use. It also has child lock that you can activate with Stop/Cancel button.

It contains 10.6-inch glass turntable to hold a standard dinner plate. The turntable rotates to cook food evenly. It has 10 power levels for adjustable cooking and 1-6 express cook for quick start cooking & heating up any food any time.

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It also has +30-Sec button to add more 30 seconds to an ongoing cooking cycle.

This Toshiba big button Microwave comes with 6 pre-programmed menus for quick one-button cooking. You can use it for pizza, potato, popcorn, beverage, dinner plate and frozen vegetables.

It also has memory function to save your favorite food settings for easy frequent cooking.

It has two separate buttons for time defrost and weight defrost. So, you can thaw frozen food as you prefer. The 8 button has sound on/off feature, you can long-press it to turn off the sound for quiet cooking.

It is very useful if you use the microwave at late night or in early morning.

Why You Buy
  • Stainless Steel Body with Beautiful Design
  • Bright LED Display and Interior Light
  • Easy to Read Control Panel with Big Buttons
  • 10 Power Levels and 6 Auto Cook Menus
  • 1-6 Express Cook and +30-Second Buttons
  • Quick Defrost by Time and Weight for Frozen Meals
  • ECO Mode Reduce Energy Usage by 50%
  • Child Lock Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Sound On/Off Button Allow Quiet Cooking
  • In the Long Run, It Start Making Noise

My Experience:

Toshiba 0.9 Cu Ft Microwave was my first microwave that I bought in mid 2018. I have to cook for four people everyday and 0.9 cu ft is enough for that. I loved the accuracy and efficiency of this 900W microwave as it does works really well.

It has been 4+ years and the microwave still works fine. I have used it hundreds of times for cooking, reheating and thawing different food items and it has always worked properly.

Except a little noise, I don’t have any complaint about this stainless steel microwave from Toshiba.

#3. Farberware Classic Microwave Oven

Big Button Microwave Ovens


Power Levels 10 Power Levels
Auto Cook Menus 6 Preset Menus
Food Capacity 1.1 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 1000W
Turntable Size 12.5-Inch
Child Safety Lock YES
5 (Five) Star Ratings 74%

Farberware Classic Microwave Oven is a powerful microwave with more food capacity. It provides 1.1 cubic foot capacity to let you cook large meals at once.

It uses 1000W power to cook raw food and reheat leftovers quickly and effectively.

It has a large LED display with green backlit for better visibility. The big buttons with labels help you to understand its control panel easily. The 5 color options allow you to match this big button microwave oven with your kitchen interior.

It has 6 auto cook menus for popcorn, pizza, potato and other popular food stuff.It also has memory to let you add cooking settings for your favorite food.

For frozen meat, chicken, beef and veggies, it offers time defrost and weight defrost functions.

You can set 1 to 10 power levels for cooking meals at your desired temperature level. You can also use 1-6 minute express cook for quickly reheating leftovers.

The +30-sec button adds more cooking time to your food in the microwave.

The child lock protects the microwave from accidental and unauthorized use. It contains 12.5-inch glass turntable to hold a big dinner plate or bowl to cook plenty of food at once. Overall, it is a good big button microwave with all necessary features.

Why You Buy
  • 1.1 Cu Ft Food Capacity to Cook Large Meals
  • 12″ Turntable Can Hold a Big Food Plate or Bowl
  • 10 Power Levels Allow Multi Stage Cooking
  • 1-6 Minute Express Cook for Quick Start
  • +30-Second for Adding More Cooking Time
  • Big Buttons and Bright LED Display
  • 6 Auto Cook Menus for Popular Food Items
  • Built-in Child Lock Prevent Accidental Use
  • Cannot Mute the Microwave

My Experience:

My elder sister (Henna) lives with her hubby and four kids. She needed a large microwave with big buttons, so I suggested this one. The Farberware 1.1 Cu Ft Classic Microwave works properly in all cooking and reheating jobs.

My sister has been using this big button microwave oven since Christmas 2021. She has cooked and thawed all types of food items in it with no issue at all. She has only one complaint that this microwave doesn’t have sound button, so she can’t turn off its beeps.

#4. Commercial CHEF Countertop Microwave Oven

Best Microwaves with Big Buttons


Power Levels 10 Power Levels
Auto Cook Menus 6 Preset Menus
Food Capacity 0.9 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Turntable Size 10-Inch
Child Safety Lock YES
5 (Five) Star Ratings 66%

Commercial CHEF big button Microwave Oven is a 900W microwave with 0.9 cubic foot food capacity. It has 10-inch glass turntable that is big enough to hold a standard dinner plate. Its big buttons and bright display make it easy to operate for everyone.

It comes with 10 different power levels that you can set as per your cooking needs. It also has 6 preset menus for one touch cooking of popular food items.

You can cook food by weight and time, you can see important settings on its LED display.

To thaw frozen food, you can use defrost by weight or speed defrost option. The easy to read control panel makes this big buttons microwave simple and convenient for all. Its Reset button also works for child lock with long press to prevent unauthorized access.

My Experience:

The Commercial CHEF 0.9 Cu Ft Microwave is a high quality microwave with big display and control buttons. My hubby’s mom lives in California and she asked me to get a medium size microwave. She has to cook for 3 people, so I bought this microwave for her.

She doesn’t like complicated gadgets, that’s why I selected this simple microwave oven. It doesn’t have memory, sound on/off and express cook functions yet it works accurately. Mom told me that she is happy with its cooking performance. So, it is a really good microwave if you can manage with some missing functions.

#5. Breville Compact Wave Soft-Close Microwave Oven

Big Button Microwaves


Power Levels 10 Power Levels
Auto Cook Menus Multiple Preset Menus
Food Capacity 0.9 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Turntable Size 10.6-Inch
Child Safety Lock YES
5 (Five) Star Ratings 77%

Breville Compact Wave Soft-Close Microwave Oven is the last big button microwave in my list. It offers 0.9 cubic foot capacity with 10.6-inch glass turntable. The turntable can hold a standard dinner plate and it rotates to cook your food evenly.

It contains a bright, large LED display for clear visibility. On its control panel, this 900W microwave has 6 big buttons on top, two medium & big buttons at bottom and one big knob/dial in the middle.

The big buttons with large display help you understand its control panel without referring the user manual. It has 10 different power levels and several auto cook menus like popcorn, pizza, potato, beverage and others.

It allows you to thaw frozen meat or chicken with time defrost and weight defrost. It also has +30-sec button to add more cooking time for the food when needed. The child safety lock disables all buttons to protect against unauthorized access.

It comes with a dedicated sound button that you can use to mute its beeps. Its door is engineered with soft-close design, it is 80% quieter than other microwave doors. So, it is the best big button microwave for quiet cooking in the early morning and at late night.

Why You Buy
  • 10 Power Levels for Customized Manual Cooking
  • Soft-Close Door is 80% Quieter than Other Microwaves
  • Multiple Auto Cook Menus for Popcorn and Other Foods
  • Easy Defrosting of Frozen Food by Time and Weight
  • Big Buttons and Knob/Dial Allow Ease of Operation
  • Sound Button Let You Mute the Microwave Beeps
  • Child Lock Keep the Microwave and Your Kids Safe
  • +30-Second Add More Time to Finish Cooking Properly
  • 1-6 Min Express Cook Functions are Missing

My Experience:

I got this 900W microwave oven for my farmhouse where I go with my family every weekend. I have been using Breville Wave 0.9 Cu Ft Microwave for 11 months and about to complete 1 year in March 2023. Its color, design and appearance are really good.

I tried cooking different food dishes in small to large quantities. It has always performed well. Although 1-6 express cook settings don’t exist, I didn’t miss them much. I loved the way it thaws frozen chicken without drying or burning it.

The mute button and soft-close door let me use it at late night without disturbing my kids. Its big buttons and knob are clearly visible in daytime and night time. I have never found any complication while operating this microwave oven.

Are Big Button Microwaves Made for Seniors Only?

No, the big button microwaves are made for all age users. The design and appearance of such microwave ovens are convenient for teenagers, young & adults and elderly people. The large display and big buttons allow ease of operation for everyone.

It contains a simple control panel and a large display that are easily visible. The people with poor vision can use a big button microwave without any problem. The easy to understand features save your time of reading the whole user manual to learn how to operate the microwave.

So, the microwave with big buttons is designed for people who like simple gadgets with easy to understand features. Seniors may find it more comfortable but the usage of big button microwaves is not limited to any specific age group.

What to Consider When Buying a Big Button Microwave

When you need to buy a simple microwave oven, you should prefer a microwave with big buttons and large display. Because the big button microwave ovens have an easy to read control panel compared to other microwaves.

To make your purchase worth your money, I will share some important points to consider to buy a big button microwave for everyday use.

Display Size & Visibility:

The display of a microwave is very useful, it shows clock, timer and important settings. You should choose a microwave with a large display with enough brightness to give better visibility. It is recommended to avoid

Button Size:

You must pick a microwave with big buttons to have quick access and less confusion. The small buttons are difficult to see for elderly and people with poor vision. The big buttons are easy to access and you can’t press any other button by mistake.

Easy to Read & Operate:

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The microwave should have a simple and easy to read control panel. Its display and control panel should be clearly visible for you, only then you will find it easy to operate.

Food Capacity:

The microwave ovens provides food capacity from 0.7 cubic foot to 2.2 cubic foot. Here, I have suggested 5 big button microwaves with 0.7 cu ft, 0.9 cu ft and 1.1 cu ft capacity.

You can choose a 0.7 cu ft microwave with big buttons if you need it for 1-2 persons only. In case you need a microwave for 3 to 5 people or more, you should go for a 0.9 or 1.1 cu ft microwave oven.

Power Usage:

The microwave uses electrical power based on its food capacity. For example: a 0.7 cu ft microwave consumes 700W power, while a 0.9 cu ft microwave consumes 900W power. You should check the power consumption of a microwave at the time of purchase.

If you stay in a dorm where you have restrictions on high watt gadgets, you should pick a low watt microwave oven with 700W power usage.

Power Levels:

A microwave provides 4 to 11 power levels to allow customized cooking. You can set and adjust its power level to manage cooking temperature for different food dishes. A microwave with big buttons and 10 power levels can be the best option for you. I have suggested 5 microwaves that you can consider for your purchase.

Auto Cook Menus:

The auto cook menus allow one-button quick cooking for pizza, popcorn and other common food items. You should check if a microwave has auto cook menus and also check which food it can cook under the auto cook function. It will make your cooking faster for some food dishes that you need to cook often.

Express Cook and +30-Second:

You don’t use a microwave for cooking only, you also use it for reheating leftovers. The express cook function lets you quickly reheat food in the microwave. On the other hand, +30-second button lets you add more cooking time to the food getting cooked inside the microwave. Make sure you choose a microwave with both these features.

Easy Defrost Functions:

In order to thaw frozen meals, a microwave must have defrost functions. You should check if your chosen microwave has time defrost and weight defrost functions before you buy it. Because you won’t be able to thaw frozen chicken if your microwave doesn’t have the defrost function.

Child Safety Lock:

The child safety lock is very useful if you need to leave your microwave alone. The children can turn it on or make a mistake that can lead to fire hazard in your microwave. To protect the microwave from unsupervised access, you need to activate child lock.

So, it is better to buy a big button microwave with child lock for the safety of your children and the microwave.

Sound On/Off Button:

Most people are fine with microwave beeps but some people aren’t. The reason is that some people need to cook in the early morning and the microwave beeps disturb their kids’ sleep. If you are such a person then choose a microwave with sound on/off button.

The sound button on a microwave lets you turn off beeps. It lets you operate the microwave quietly without interrupting anyone’s sleep in the house.

In this way, you can get the best microwave with big buttons that meets all your needs yet cooks everything efficiently.

FAQs about Microwave with Big Buttons

A microwave with big buttons appears simple like a traditional oven. But it has all latest functions to make your cooking task easier, faster and mess-free. Here I provide some FAQs about big button microwaves and their answers in brief as follows.

Q.1 How much food capacity does a big button microwave have?

A big button microwave has 0.7 cubic foot to 1.1 cubic foot food capacity, you can also find a microwave with more capacity if you need.

Q.2 Do big button microwaves have auto cook menus?

Yes, big button microwaves have multiple auto cook menus for pizza, popcorn, potato, beverage, oatmeal, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, rice, dinner plate and corn on the cob.

Q.3 Can I thaw frozen meat in a microwave with big buttons?

Yes, you can thaw frozen meat in a microwave with big buttons. You can choose to thaw frozen meat with Defrost by Time or Defrost by Weight option.

Q.4 Are big button microwaves durable?

Yes, big button microwaves are as durable as any standard microwave from a reputed and reliable microwave brand.

Q.5 Does a big button microwave have child safety lock?

Yes, a big button microwave has child safety lock for added protection. You can activate the child lock to avoid accidental use and unauthorized access by children.

Bottom Line: Experience Easy Cooking with a Big Button Microwave

The purpose of a microwave is to make cooking easier for people and not to add more confusion for them. Therefore I have recommended 5 big button microwaves for you. I hope you will get a suitable microwave from my suggested options.

The microwaves have made cooking easier than the stovetop and other cooking gadgets. To avoid complicated design or features, you should get a big button microwave oven with a large, bright display.

An easy to read control panel helps you learn how to operate the microwave quickly. With clear visibility and simple big buttons, a microwave is easy to operate for all age people.

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