Best Personal Mini Microwaves for Small Spaces

10 Best Personal Mini Microwaves for Small Spaces

A microwave allows you to cook a variety of food items and defrost the frozen veggies but the large size of microwaves is not suitable for all. Therefore I decided to find a mini microwave that offers all features I need and fits easily on my kitchen counter or in the dorm room.

The microwaves can not only cook the food evenly but also bake, roast, boil, heat up and defrost the food. The mini microwaves can do all cooking and heating jobs same as the regular microwaves but the food quantity is less due to reduced size.

Who Should Get a Mini Microwave?

The mini microwaves provide a great cooking convenience to people who can’t afford a regular microwave. It’s not about the low budget, the reason for choosing a mini microwave over a regular microwave can be different for every person.

Here I provide some common reasons for buying a mini microwave as under.

  • Many students stay in college/university dorms where they are not allowed to use regular microwaves. So, they have to use a mini microwave with low-wattage.
  • On the other hand, some people have limited space on their kitchen counter. The regular microwave can’t fit there, so they have to get a mini microwave for tight spaces.
  • Some people have a regular microwave in kitchen but they need an extra microwave for a study room or kids’ game room. Such people often select a mini microwave that is compact yet capable to prepare small meals and beverages for them.
  • Some families have one or two guests in a week, so they want to keep a microwave in the guest room. For such needs, they prefer a low-watt mini microwave so that the guest(s) can get their food/beverages heated without bothering any family member.

A person who falls in one of the above categories should get a mini microwave to fulfill their need of a compact equipment to cook and reheat food items.

5 Main Features that Your Mini Microwave Must Have

At the time of doing research and testing on mini microwaves, my team focused on 5 main features that I am going to discuss here.

best mini microwave

[I] Preset/Auto Cooking Settings:

The preset menus or auto cooking settings are useful to cook specific food with just one button-press. The manufacturer provides auto cook settings for popcorn, pizza, potato, beverages. frozen veggies, dinner plate and others.

You should check if a mini microwave has auto/preset cook settings or not. If it has at least 5-6 preset cook menus then it is a good microwave to buy.

[II] Different Power Levels with +30-Second Button:

The auto cook settings work for a few common food items only. If you want to cook other food stuff then you need to adjust power level and timer to prepare that food in a mini microwave. In addition, the +30-second button cook the food for 30 more seconds with full power heating.

You can cook all types of food with your desired power level and also add 30 more seconds to give more heating to your food when needed.

[III] Auto Shut Off and Child Safety Lock:

The auto shut off and child safety lock are very important for safety purposes. The auto shut off function turn off the microwave when the cooking/reheating process is over.

It saves the food from getting overcooked or burned and also saves the microwave from a fire hazard.

The child safety lock makes the mini microwave buttons useless so that the kids can’t access it. It is useful to keep your kids away from the microwave and the harm it may cause if your kids operate it improperly.

[IV] 360-Degree Glass Turntable:

Every mini microwave should have a 360-degree rotating glass turntable. It holds the food plate during the cooking process and rotates in 360-degree to cook the food from all directions.

This function help the heat to pass through all parts of the food to avoid partial cooking/heating issues.

[V] Memory:

Some mini microwave ovens come with the memory function. Its memory stores your favorite food settings so that you don’t need to set the power, timer and other settings again.

You just need to place the food plate inside, shut the door and select a saved cooking setting from memory of your mini microwave. Then it will do all the work for you and get your food ready on time.

These five features are very important and your mini microwave must have them. They will make your cooking task easier and safer for your family.

10 Best Mini Microwaves for Dorms and Small Spaces

After doing months of research and practical testing of many mini microwave ovens, my team has picked 10 mini microwaves that are much better than others.

In that list, I have included mini microwaves with food capacity from 0.6 cubic foot to 1.1 cubic foot and now I am going to share my experience with all these microwave ovens.

#1. Commercial CHEF 0.6 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave


Outer Dimensions 17.75”W x 12.5”D x 10.25”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.6 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 600W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6 (Six)
Five Star Ratings 72%

Commercial CHEF Countertop Microwave is a mini microwave with easy to operate functions. It is made of high quality stainless steel and it contains a 9.5-inch glass turntable to hold the food plate during cooking process.

With compact design, this mini microwave is suitable for small spaces like dorm rooms, apartments and small kitchens. It has 10.25-inch height, 17.75-inch width and 12.5-inch depth. So, it is a perfect microwave oven for college/university students who live in a dorm room/apartment.

It comes with two color options of black and white. For better and faster cooking, this compact microwave has a dial with 6 preset cooking power levels for low, defrost, low-medium, medium, medium high and high.

It also has time interval dial to adjust time between 1 to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes and 30 minutes.

This mini microwave offers 0.6 cubic foot capacity and it uses only 600-watt power which makes it energy efficient.

You can also choose 0.9 cubic foot version if you want a bigger model. It can cook, defrost and reheat various food stuff to fulfill your needs. It also has auto shut off feature that turns it off when the timer is complete.


  • 6 Preset Cooking Power Levels and 1 to 30 Minute Timer
  • Auto Shut Off Turn It Off to Save Power and Prevent Food Burning
  • 0.6 Cubic Foot Capacity is Enough for Cooking Small Meals
  • 9.5-Inch Glass Turntable Hold the Food Plate Safely
  • Use Only 600W Power to Save Energy and Reduce Electricity Bill
  • Compact Size Make It Fit Easily in Dorms and Small Kitchens


  • Customers Complain About Loud Noise

My Experience:

I had used a Commercial CHEF microwave oven earlier and this time, I got a chance to use a compact one. I have a secondary kitchen on first floor of my house where the counter space is limited, so I got this 0.6 cu ft mini microwave and it fitted so perfectly in that tiny space.

This microwave works perfectly and cooks food evenly, its auto shut off feature is very accurate. So, I have no complain about its performance but its body vibrates a bit during cooking process and it also makes some noise otherwise everything is good.

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#2. Comfee 0.7 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave


Outer Dimensions 17.3”W x 13”D x 10.2”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6 (Six)
Five Star Ratings 70%

Comfee Countertop Microwave Oven is a compact microwave oven with a stylish design. It is available in black and pearl white colors so that you can choose the microwave color that matches with your kitchen/dorm interior. It has 10.2-inch height, 17.3-inch width and 13-inch depth.

The manufacturer has made this best mini microwave from sturdy stainless steel and added one-touch control buttons on its front. It offers 0.7 cubic feet capacity yet it is more affordable than Commercial CHEF 0.6 cu ft microwave shown above.

It provides 11 different power levels to generate different amount of heat for different food items. You can set the power level that cooks the food faster and better. It also offers easy auto-cook functions for popcorn, pizza, potato, frozen vegetables, beverage and dinner plate.

It has 1-6 minutes express cooking functions along with +30-second function. The ECO mode reduces 50% standby power to save energy and reduce electricity consumption. It uses 700-watt power at its maximum capacity and the company offers one year limited warranty on it.

The interior light offers visibility in dark spaces or during night time. This microwave also has 10-inch glass turntable to hold the food plate during cooking process. It rotates to cook the food evenly. The child lock feature makes it safer for kids by preventing unauthorized and accidental access.


  • Compact Size Fit Any Tight Space with No Compromise in Performance
  • 1-6 Minutes Express Cook with +30-Second Function
  • Sound On-Off Feature Make It Mute to Prevent Beeps
  • Child Safety Lock Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • One-Touch Buttons Make It Easy to Operate for Everyone
  • 6 Preset Settings for Auto Cooking of Six Different Food Items
  • ECO Mode Reduce Power Usage to Cut Electricity Bill


  • Customers Claim that It Take Longer to Cook Food
  • May Cause Trouble After One Year of Use

My Experience:

This Comfee Mini Microwave has impressed me with its one touch control panel. I have used it for reheating my food at office and my colleagues have also used it. It has worked properly all the time and it does not make any loud noise like the Commercial CHEF microwave I mentioned above.

One day, I decided to cook some meat with this compact 0.7 cu ft microwave and it did cook it but took a bit longer time. It takes longer with cooking but reheating is faster and better. Overall performance is quite impressive as it offers best value for money.

#3. Galanz Retro 0.7 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Microwave


Outer Dimensions 17.5”W x 14”D x 9.5”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 7 (Seven)
Five Star Ratings 78%

Galanz Retro Stainless Steel Microwave is a stylish microwave oven with classic and modern design options. It is available in black, blue, green and red color options with 0.7 cubic foot, 0.9 cubic foot and 1.1 cubic foot sizes.

If you want a mini microwave for reheating your food then this retro style microwave oven is perfect for you. It has 10 auto reheat programs to provide quick reheating of food without wasting your time in setting up power level or timer.

It offers 7 auto cooking programs to provide faster cooking of your favorite dishes. It uses 700-watt power which is much lesser compared to a regular microwave.

It is equipped with a clock, a dial and some buttons on front to let you control its cooking functions. It also has a handle with a door to put the food in and get it out when it’s cooked.

It contains a 9.6-inch glass turntable to hold the food plate and rotate in 360-degree to cook the food evenly. You can defrost your frozen food by weight or time function in this microwave. You can also use the +30-sec button to cook/heat your food for 30 seconds more.


  • Retro Style Mini Microwave with Modern Cooking Functions
  • Easy to Use with 7 Auto Cooking and 10 Auto Reheating Programs
  • 360-Degree Rotating Turntable for Efficient Cooking
  • Can Defrost Food by Weight or Time As you Prefer
  • +30-Sec Button Allow to Cook Your Food More When Needed
  • Compact Size Make It Fit Easily in Any Small Space


  • Some Users Complain about Rusting In the Long Run
  • It has Child Lock function but not mentioned in product info

My Experience:

I have a tiny counter at my workplace and a power outlet on nearby wall. I checked some compact microwaves but their height was beyond 10-inch which would not fit in my place. Finally, I found this 9.5-inch small microwave from Galanz and decided to get it.

The red color created an amazing appearance and it fitted perfectly in my small space. Finally, I used it for cooking some stuff and reheating my lunch, it worked really good. It takes longer to cook food than other microwaves but that’s fine for me as it does the job well.

It is lightweight, when I try to open its door with one hand, the unit starts moving. So, I have to hold this microwave with one hand and pull the door with other hand to open it. Everything else is fine as I haven’t found any issues with my unit.

#4. BLACK+DECKER 0.7 Cu Ft Digital Microwave Oven


Outer Dimensions 17.3”W x 13”D x 10.2”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6 (Six)
Five Star Ratings 69%

BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven is a professional style microwave with a space saving design. It has 0.7 cubic foot capacity that is enough for most food items for one-two persons.

The BLACK+DECKER brand is known for its quality and durability. The manufacturer has made this best mini microwave oven from high grade stainless steel and premium quality glass. It contains a 360-degree rotating 10-inch glass turntable to cook the food from all sides to offer best possible taste.

It comes with an easy to read control panel with simple push buttons. To make your favorite food quickly, it has six pre-programmed buttons for pizza, popcorn, potato, frozen veggies, dinner plate and beverages.

It also has child safety lock to prevent kids from accessing it.

This microwave oven has 10 power levels, 30-second express cooking and large LED display with clock & kitchen timer. It has easy defrost function with time-wise and weight-wise features. It’s a UL approved microwave oven with one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Professional Style Microwave with 0.7 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 10 Different Power Levels to Cook/Heat Up Different Foot Items
  • 6 Pre-programmed Buttons for Easy and Quick Cooking
  • UL Approved, Child Safety Lock and Simple Control Panel
  • Use Only 700W Power Yet Capable to Cook and Defrost Food


  • Users Complain about It Making a Weird Noise
  • Some People Say Its Power is Low for Cooking, Good for Reheating

My Experience:

It’s been more than a decade yet BLACK+DECKER brand is my favorite. However, I had not used this mini microwave earlier, so I didn’t know if it is as good as my regular BLACK-DECKER microwave yet I hoped for the best and get this machine in action at my study room.

I need to drink a strong coffee and some snacks when I am doing studies for several hours. This 0.7 cu ft microwave has made a good coffee & popcorn and I didn’t face any issue except some weird noise. I also used timer to set different minutes and +30-second function, everything worked fine. So, it makes some noise but works properly as a small microwave.

#5. Farberware Classic 0.7 Cu Ft Microwave Oven


Outer Dimensions 17.3”W x 12.99”D x 10.14”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6 (Six)
Five Star Ratings 69%

Farberware Classic Microwave Oven is a compact microwave with LED lighting and user-friendly features. If you are looking for a low-watt mini microwave for dorm rooms then this 0.7 cubic foot oven is a good option for you.

This 700-watt microwave comes with 6 pre-programmed cooking buttons for pizza, popcorn and common things. It also has memory function that saves your favorite food cooking settings so that you don’t need to set its power level and timer every time.

This small microwave has a simple control panel on front with an LED display. It has time-cook, time-defrost and weight-defrost functions to meet your different needs.

It also offers 1-6 minutes express cooking as well as +30-second button to cook/heat up the food a bit more.

It has 10.14-inch height, 17.3-inch width and 12.99-inch depth with brushed stainless steel construction. It also contains a 10.6-inch glass turntable to hold the food plate firmly and rotate in 360-degree to let the hot waves cook the food more effectively.


  • Simple Classic Microwave with Pull Handle Door
  • 0.7 Cubic Foot Capacity and 700-Watt Power Consumption
  • 6 One Touch Auto Cooking Buttons Save Time
  • Memory Function Save Your Customized Cooking Settings
  • 10.14″H x 17.3″W Fit Easily in Any Small Space
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  • People Complain that Its Turntable Doesn’t Stay in Place
  • Door Has Sharp Edges, Use It Carefully

My Experience:

My team gave me this Farberware mini microwave oven when I was going to California for a fortnight. My two cousins stay there and I thought a compact microwave is the best gift for them. I showed them how to use this microwave and its performance delighted all three of us.

We made pizza, popcorn, burger, coffee, soup and many other stuff in this microwave oven. I realized that its door has sharp edges when it caused a small cut on my finger but it happened only once. Thereafter I used it carefully and found no issue in this cooking cum heating machine.

#6. Nostalgia Retro 0.7 Cu Ft Compact Microwave


Outer Dimensions 17.75”W x 12.91”D x 10.09”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 12 (Twelve)
Five Star Ratings 72%

Nostalgia Retro Compact Microwave is a programmable microwave oven with a beautiful design. It is available in many different colors such as orange, ivory, aqua, black, pink, red, blue, yellow and white. You can choose the color that matches with your kitchen interior.

It is a countertop microwave with 0.7 cubic foot capacity and 700-watt power usage. It comes with an easy-to-read LED display, four push buttons and one mechanical dial in its control panel. It also has a sleek chrome handle that you can pull to open the door to put the food in or get it out.

It offers 12 pre-programmed auto cooking settings as well as express cooking settings with delay timer. It can cook, roast and reheat the food with its versatile cooking features. It can also defrost frozen food by time or weight as you select.

The exterior dimensions of this best mini microwave are 17.75-inch length x 12.75-inch width x 10.09-inch height. The interior dimensions are 13-inch x 13-inch x 8-inch which is enough to accommodate a medium dinner plate inside the microwave.


  • 10 Different Color Options to Match with Your Kitchen/Dorm Interior
  • 12 Auto Cooking Settings Save Your Time
  • Express Cooking with Delay Timer Allow Customized Cooking
  • The Glass Turntable Rotate to Allow More Even Cooking
  • Simple Control Panel with Dial/Knob and Push Buttons
  • Easy to Read LED Display Show Clock, Timer and Settings


  • More Expensive Compared to Other Microwaves
  • Users Complain that It Stopped Working After Some Months

My Experience:

I got this Nostalgia microwave in January and it was too cold here. So, I decided to make my black coffee and detox tea in this compact machine. During the Valentine’s week, I made some pastries, toasts and pen-cakes for my better-half and she loved it.

I didn’t find anything weird about its cooking process and the performance was good. Being honest, I found this mini microwave quite expensive because other popular brands have similar microwaves with $70 to $90 price range, while this one is beyond $120.

I used this compact microwave from January to March and then gifted it to my aunt who lives alone in Vegas. I talked to her last week and she said that she is still using this microwave oven. So, some people claim their microwave stopped worked after a few months but may be I am too lucky that I haven’t faced that issue yet.

#7. Winia Retro 0.7 Cu Ft Microwave


Outer Dimensions 17.6”W x 12.7”D x 10.6”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.7 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 700W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 5 (Five)
Five Star Ratings 76%

Winia Retro Mini Microwave is a unique microwave oven with C.R.S. technology. I have reviewed 6 compact microwaves above but this one is different. It is, of course, more expensive but it’s worth it for the Concave Reflect System that uses Dual Wave Technology to provide enhanced cooking and heating to get the food ready to eat faster.

It provides 5 auto-cook settings for soup, beverage, fresh vegetables, backed potato and frozen veggies. It also offers two-way defrost options i.e. time defrost and weight defrost, you can choose either option for defrosting the frozen food in this small microwave.

The Winia Retro Microwave is 17.6-inch wide, 12.7-inch deep and 10.6-inch tall, so it requires a small space with 18-inch width, 13-inch depth and 11-inch height. The recessed turntable tray is located lower to let you put the food plate easily and offer more space for the food.

The Zero On function is another highlight of this 0.7 cu ft microwave oven, it turns off the unit after 10 minutes of non-usage. It saves a lot of power even when you forget to turn off the microwave. Overall, it is the best mini microwave that gives high-tech features with good performance to offer enough value for your money.


  • Conclave Reflect System (C.R.S.) Dual Wave Technology
  • Two Waves of Heat Cook Food Faster & More Efficiently
  • Recessed Tray Offer More Space for Food Plate
  • Zero On Function Save Energy, Cut Electricity Bills
  • 5 Auto Cook Programs for Quick Cooking/Defrost


  • More Expensive than Other 0.7 Cu Ft 700W Microwaves
  • Users Complain about Weird Noise from Turntable Movement
  • Microwave Move When Open Its Door with One Hand

My Experience:

I love to eat chicken and mutton on Sundays but my wife is busy with cooking other food in our main microwave oven. So, I got this Winia mini microwave for myself and cooked raw chicken for first time, its C.R.S. dual wave technology made it happen faster than I expected.

To improve my cooking skills, I have used this microwave to cook a variety of food stuff on Saturdays and Sundays. For last six months, I have used it for making pizza, burger, chicken, mutton, popcorn, soup, coffee and many other stuff.

It has worked really well but sometimes it takes longer to get my food ready. I had to wait for so long when I put my frozen chicken pieces in it. One more thing, its turntable doesn’t stay in place and make noise when moving/rotating, I don’t know how to fix this issue.

#8. Panasonic 0.8 Cu Ft Microwave with Inverter Technology


Outer Dimensions 19.2”W x 14.81”D x 11”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.8 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 950W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6+
Five Star Ratings 66%

Panasonic Countertop Microwave is a 0.8 cubic foot microwave oven with inverter technology. It is also a mini microwave for small spaces like kitchen counters, dorm rooms, small desks and others. Being 0.8 cubic foot microwave, it offers more food capacity than 0.6 and 0.7 cubic foot microwaves.

It is equipped with touch control buttons and an LED display. It offers multiple auto-cooking menus for soup, oatmeal, pizza, pasta, frozen entrees & vegetables and others. It contains 11.25-inch turntable that is thinner and lightweight enough to allow more space for food.

The in-built Inverter Technology helps this Panasonic Microwave Oven to generate a steady stream of heat/power to cook the food more evenly and faster. It reduces the cooking time and cooks the food properly from all sides without overcooking or burning problems.

It has the Automatic Genius Sensor that adjusts power level (heat) and timer as required for different food items. It also has some useful functions like child safety lock, quick minute timer, delay start and keep warm to improve your experience with this microwave.

It uses 950-watt power and is made of high quality stainless steel to offer fast heating and durable use. The Inverter Turbo Defrost mode increases the speed of defrosting process to get your frozen food defrost & warm faster so that you can serve it in your dinner plate and enjoy its delicious taste.


  • Inverter Technology Deliver Steady Stream of Heat
  • Cook All Food Evenly and Effectively with Consistent Heat
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost Speed Up Defrost Process
  • Automatic Genius Sensor Adjust Power & Time by Itself
  • Keep Warm Button Keep the Food Warm Inside the Oven
  • 11.25″ Turntable is Thin Enough to Offer More Space for Food


  • Not Too Easy to Use for Everyone
  • Some People Complain about Clattering Noise

My Experience:

I have used many different microwave oven in past 15 years but not all microwaves are as efficient as this one. The Panasonic has added inverter technology to this best mini microwave with Automatic Genius Sensor. It is a rare microwave that is compact, medium wattage yet cooks really fast.

The stainless steel construction and attractive design are good but I loved the way it defrosts my frozen chicken and veggies. I always defrost with Inverter Turbo Defrost button and it makes it faster and more efficient. It cooks well, reheats well and defrosts better than any other small microwave in the segment.

After using this microwave for 6 months, I noticed some clattering noise from it when the cooking/heating process is on. This noise is not loud or disturbing for my family and I have not found any other issue in this unit.

#9. Toshiba 0.9 Cu Ft Compact Microwave Oven


Outer Dimensions 19.15”W x 15.91”D x 11.48”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 0.9 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 6 (Six)
Five Star Ratings 76%

Toshiba Compact Microwave Oven is a power efficient microwave with ECO Mode function. You can turn on ECO mode with just one button-press to save 50% power when the microwave is in standby mode. It saves power, reduces electricity bills and is also good for the environment.

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It comes with 0.9 cubic foot food capacity and it consumes 900-watt power for operating the machine to cook the food. It has 19.15-inch width, 15.91-inch depth and 11.48-inch height, so it is a bit larger than 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8 cubic foot microwaves yet it is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

This microwave oven offers 10 power levels to allow customized cooking and heating experience. It has 6 preset cooking settings for pizza, potato, popcorn, beverage, frozen vegetables and dinner plate.

It contains 10.6-inch turntable to accommodate up to 10-inch pizza. You can also remove the turntable for cleaning purposes. You can choose to cook your food for 1 to 6 minutes with full power and also press +30-second button to cook/heat it up for 30 seconds more.

This small microwave has in-build sound that makes beep noise to indicate that the food is ready. You can turn off the sound by holding on the 8-key for 3-5 seconds so that your cooking task doesn’t disturb your family’s sleep. It also has child safety lock to keep the kids safe from unauthorized access.


  • Large Interior Space to Hold Up to 10-Inch Pizza
  • 1 to 6 Minute Full Power Cooking with +30-Second Button
  • 6 Preset Cooking Settings for Pizza, Popcorn and Others
  • ECO Mode Save 50% Power/Energy in Standby Mode
  • Sound Can be Muted to Cook Silently
  • In-built LED Light Keep the Food Visible
  • Memory Save Your Cooking Settings for Quick Next Time Use


  • Black-Silver Color Only, No Other Color Options
  • Its LED Light Bulb is Not Replaceable

My Experience:

My wife has to make breakfast for all of us in the early morning and my daughter has very sensitive ears. The beeps of our microwave disturbs her sleep, so I decided to get a compact microwave with mute option and found this Toshiba mini microwave for us.

The cooking and reheating performance of this microwave is quite good. Its preset cooking settings are accurate and the mute button makes it silent to cook everything without beeps. Its large interior space impressed me as I can place more food and large food items to prepare food for more people at once.

After a few months, the LED light inside the microwave stopped working. I thought that I should replace it but unfortunately it’s not replaceable. The microwave is still working as good as it worked on the first day, so I don’t have any complaint regarding its performance.

#10. Samsung 1.1 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave


Outer Dimensions 20.4”W x 15.8”D x 11.7”H
Capacity (Inner Space) 1.1 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 1000W
Auto Cooking Preset Settings 37 (Thirty Seven)
Five Star Ratings 61%

Samsung Countertop Microwave is the last mini microwave in my recommendation list. It is also the largest microwave oven for mini microwave options, it has 1.1 cubic foot capacity for cooking more food in limited time.

It has 37 auto cooking settings for making your everyday cooking easier, faster and hassle-free. In addition to cooking and reheating, this compact microwave can soften, melt, grill and defrost the food. You can select Kids Meals option to make meals for your children.

It uses 1000-watt power with 10 different power levels to let you set your desired heat level to cook your food efficiently. It contains 12.4-inch glass turntable to hold the food plate firmly to. The unique mechanism of this microwave distributes the heat evenly to cook the food from all directions.

This microwave is 20.4-inch wide, 15.8-inch deep and 11.7-inch tall, so you should check the space available before buying it. Its tough control panel with LED display makes it easy to use, the child safety lock prevent kids from accessing it. The ECO mode turns off display to save energy when the microwave is not in use.


  • 37 Auto Cook Settings Allow Easy Use for Everyone
  • Can Cook, Reheat, Defrost, Soften, Melt, Grill and Much More
  • ECO Mode Turn Off Display to Save Energy When Not in Use
  • 10 Different Power Levels with +30-Second Function
  • Grill Element Distribute Heat Evenly for Effective Cooking


  • More Expensive and Require More Counter Space

My Experience:

In last April, I needed a compact yet powerful microwave for my farmhouse. I had never used a Samsung microwave earlier, so I was excited and worried at the same time. Finally, I bought this mini microwave with 1.1 cu ft capacity and 1000W power to do all cooking, grilling and other things.

It has so many functions and 37 preset cooking settings, so I went through its user manual first and then started using it. I have made coffee, coup, chicken, burger, pizza, popcorn and toasts & sweet buns for my kids. This microwave oven worked same as the regular microwave at my home.

I have used it for a long time now and it still does its job well. Last month, I heard some noise when making potato veggies for my son but it wasn’t a big issue because the noise is not annoying at all.

Some people have faced problems when they claimed repair/replacement under warranty period but my microwave is all good, so I don’t know how its warranty claims work. Overall, a good compact microwave with high capabilities.

How Does a Mini Microwave Work?

A mini microwave is a smaller version of a regular microwave, so it works just like any other microwave in the segment. A mini microwave oven uses the electromagnetic waves to generate hot air inside to cook the food.

Some mini microwaves have a turntable glass inside that rotates in 360-degree to cook/heat up the food evenly i.e. from all directions.

The functioning of a mini microwave is same as a regular microwave but the size dimensions and food capacity are different. If you have used a regular/large countertop microwave oven then you can operate a mini microwave without any extra efforts.

How Mini Microwaves are Better than Regular Microwaves

The mini microwaves are better than regular microwaves with two major factors of space and power consumption. In order to understand how these factors affect your needs and expectations, here I provide an explanation about it.

Limited Space:

The mini microwaves are compact in design with around 9.5-inch to 10.5-inch height. The width is around 17-18-inch and the depth is 11-13-inch. A regular microwave cannot fit in college dorms, small kitchen counters, the office desks and other tight spaces.

The large size of regular microwaves makes them suitable for kitchens with a spacious counter only. The families with small homes and limited space for kitchen appliances should get a mini microwave for small spaces.

Low Power Consumption:

The college dorms often have a power usage restriction. It means that the students are not allowed to use an equipment that uses high wattage. The regular microwaves use 1300W to 2000W or more power which is not allowed for dorm rooms at colleges and universities.

The students need to prepare beverages and reheat their food during the college life. A mini microwave is a perfect option for them. Because the mini microwaves use below 1000W power which is under the restricted limit given by any college/university.

So, these are two main factors that make mini microwaves better than regular microwaves for people living in specific restricted conditions.

FAQs about Mini Microwave

A mini microwave is a lighter version of a regular microwave. It is designed to fit dorm rooms and small spaces. Here I provide necessary questions about mini microwaves and their answers in brief as follows.

Q.1 What are small microwaves called?

The small microwaves are called mini microwaves and compact microwaves.

Q.2 Do mini microwaves have enough power to heat my food?

Yes, mini microwaves have enough power to heat your food. A mini microwave uses 600W-1000W to cook and heat up the food, so it can take more time than a regular microwave but it does its job well.

Q.3 Where do you put a mini microwave in a tiny kitchen?

In a tiny kitchen, you can put a mini microwave on the kitchen counter or on the lower shelf or any other space with a wall-outlet nearby.

Conclusion: Happy Cooking in Small Spaces

The mini microwaves are suitable for dorm rooms, small kitchens and other tight spaces. In order to save space in your kitchen, you need to buy each appliance in a compact size. The mini microwaves are compact yet they can do all the cooking tasks like regular microwave ovens.

The mini microwaves not only save space but also save power/energy to reduce your electricity consumption. The smaller size of a mini microwave makes it the best choice microwave for families with small kitchens.

As per my experience, the mini microwaves take longer to cook/reheat food than regular microwaves. The reason is its low-wattage but the taste and quality of the food prepared in mini microwaves are as good as regular microwaves.

So, it is recommended to get a mini microwave at your college dorm and use it for your needs of food & beverages everyday.

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