Microwave with Alexa

The 4 Best Smart Microwave with Alexa Support

Cooking with a smart microwave with Alexa Support is far easier than any standard or portable microwave oven. The Alexa enabled microwave follows your voice commands and its sensor adjusts the heat level as needed for the food time to time.

The smart microwaves come with many preset cooking features. Moreover, they have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or both to connect with Alexa for handsfree operation. You can give necessary voice commands to Alexa and the smart microwave will follow your commands.

The smart microwaves are neither expensive nor complicated. Therefore I personally use a smart microwave in my routine life and I recommend you to do the same.

What Does a Smart Microwave Do?

A smart microwave does all cooking jobs on your voice command through Alexa or an app on your smartphone. A smart microwave comes with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect with your phone and controlled by an app or voice commands.

Microwave with Alexa

The cooking process of a smart microwave is the same as a standard microwave. But the smart microwave allows handsfree operation as you don’t need to touch the control panel of the microwave to cook or reheat the food.

Benefits of Microwaves with Alexa

Using a microwave requires a person to stand nearby it and operate it from control panel. The smart microwaves let you cook your favorite food without touching the control panel. Yes, you can use a smart microwave with Alexa on your phone or its official app that allows handsfree operation.

Quick Voice Access:

The smart microwaves with Alexa allow quick voice access to save your time. You just need to turn on the microwave and connect it with Alexa. Thereafter you can give voice commands for cooking, reheating and defrosting any food or beverage or you want.

If you have installed Alexa in entire house then you can operate the microwave from any room.


The scan-to-cook feature is very useful to cook the food at accurate heat level and other settings. You just need to scan the bar code on the food packet and it will set the power level, timer and other things as mentioned in manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

This feature allows easy & quick cooking without any trouble. The food you want to cook/defrost should be in the database of the manufacturer otherwise this feature won’t work. If the food is not in the database, you need to cook it manually.

No More Guesswork:

Most smart microwaves come with sensor cooking function. The built-in sensor automatically detects the food and its moisture. Thereafter the sensor sets the power level, time and starts the process by itself. So, you don’t need to guess the time or power level as the sensor does everything with accuracy.

Support App Controls:

The popular microwave brands have developed an app for their appliances. For example: If you buy a Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven, you can operate it with Alexa and also from the MSmartHome app on your phone. The app offers more features to control and operate the microwave without touching its control panel.

So, these are the main benefits of having a smart microwave with Alexa in your kitchen. It allows handsfree operation and offers many innovative features to make your daily life better.

4 Smart Microwaves with Alexa Support

In present time, it is challenging to find a smart microwave with Alexa voice command support. To make it easier for you, I have found four best Alexa microwaves with smart features that I am going to share here. I hope my experience will help you choose a smart microwave that meets your needs.

7 Things to Check in a Smart Microwave

Buying a smart microwave is easier than buying a standard microwave because you don’t have much choices. The microwave manufacturers have made a few smart microwaves with Alexa or Google Assistant support. So, you can choose a suitable smart microwave quickly.

The smart microwave allows handsfree operation with voice control. But the primary job of a microwave is to cook the food at required heat level to get it ready with best possible taste. So, you need to check some important things in a smart microwave before buying it.

Microwave with Alexa

Here I provide the list of things that you must check in a smart microwave at the time of purchase.

[I] Alexa or Google Assistant:

A smart microwave may support Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control facility. But some microwaves (like GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven) support both the Alexa and Google Assistant. You should check the virtual assistant support information to know about it before purchase.

[II] Number of Voice Commands:

The number of voice commands may vary from 30 to 100+ based on microwave brands and models. It is important to know how many voice commands a microwave supports so that you can check if it meets all your needs or not. The voice command list is provided in the user manual that you can download from the product page.

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[III] Easy Connectivity:

Having Alexa support is a good feature that allows handsfree operation. But the microwave should connect easily with Alexa as a complicated connecting process will only irritate you. It can be scanning the 2D code on microwave to connect with Alexa or any other easy way.

[IV] Power Levels:

The smart microwave should have multiple power levels to allow you to cook manually. To prepare a dish of your choice, you want to set the time and power level manually. It is possible only when the microwave has 10-11 different power levels.

[V] Sensor Cooking:

At present, many microwave ovens come with a built-in sensor for automatic cooking. The sensor detects the food and its moisture as you put it in the microwave. Then it sets power level and cooking time as needed for the food.

The sensor cooking function works great and saves your time. The built-in sensor monitors the food during cooking process so that the food gets cooked evenly and properly without burning from anywhere.

[VI] Food Capacity:

The smart microwaves are available in various food capacity options. You can choose a 0.9 cubic foot microwave or 1.3 cubic foot microwave or 1.4 cubic foot microwave with Alexa support.

You should analyze your needs and the available space in your kitchen to choose the best smart microwave with your needed food capacity.

[VII] Power/Energy Consumption:

The smart microwaves cook efficiently yet consume less energy. So, you don’t need to worry about high power usage as the smart microwaves don’t use much. But you should definitely check the power/energy consumption of a microwave before you decide to buy it.

In this way, you can get the most suitable smart microwave with Alexa after considering the above points.

My Experience for This Microwaves with Alexa Support

#1. Toshiba Smart Countertop Microwave


Voice Assistant Support Alexa
App Controls MSmartHome App
Food Capacity 1.3 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 1100W
Special Features ECO Mode, Mute and Humidity Sensor

Toshiba Smart Countertop Microwave is an Alexa enabled microwave with many amazing features. It supports voice commands as well as app control to allow handsfree operation. This microwave integrates with Alexa and an echo device for convenience. The echo device is to be purchased separately.

It has 1.3 cubic foot capacity and 12.4-inch glass turntable to allow safe and even cooking. It comes with preset menus for popular food items like pizza, popcorn, potato, vegetables and others. The interior LED light lets you see the food when it is under cooking process in the microwave.

It offers 10 different power levels for customized cooking and uses 1100-watt power. It also has a built-in humidity sensor that detects the moisture of the food and adjusts the power level & timer automatically for best possible cooking process.

For faster and handsfree access, you need to install MSmartLife or MSmartHome app on your phone. It allows you to create up to 23 preset menus for quick & customized cooking of your favorite food items. The ECO mode reduces energy consumption, while mute option allows silent cooking at late night and early morning.


  • Easily Integrate with Alexa and MSmartLife or MSmartHome App
  • Allow to Create Up to 23 Preset Menus in the App
  • Add an Echo Device for Convenient Handsfree Operation
  • ECO Mode Save Energy, LED Light Offer Visibility of Food
  • Mute Button Disable Beeps for Safe Late Night Use
  • Humidity Sensor Adjust Cooking Power for Optimal Heating


  • Doesn’t Have Any Setting for US-Sized Popcorn Bags
  • Not Working with Alexa in Canada

My Experience:

The Toshiba microwaves are known for their ease of use and innovative features. I bought this smart microwave for preparing snacks and coffee like stuff at home. It integrated with Alexa and worked perfectly every time I tried, the app control from MSmartHome is quite impressive.

I started using it in March and after one month, I decided to cook all food in this Alexa microwave oven. Its humidity sensor is very accurate and I liked the customized cooking menus they offered in the app.

My kids wake up at 8 in the morning but I had to prepare breakfast at 7. So, I use the mute button to turn off the sound so that the microwave doesn’t make any noise to disturb my kids’ sleep. Apart from features and performance, I also liked its eye-catching color and design.

#2. GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven


Voice Assistant Support Alexa and Google Assistant
App Controls SmartHQ App
Food Capacity 0.9 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Special Features Scan-to-Cook Technology

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven is a 0.9 cubic foot microwave with 900-watt power usage. It is a high quality smart microwave that works with Alexa as well as Google Assistant. So, you can use either Alexa app or Google Assistant to give voice commands to operate it from anywhere in the house.

The Scan-to-Cook Technology is the main highlight of this microwave. You don’t need to guess the time or power level, just scan the barcode on food packet and it will automatically setup cooking as per package instructions. It will select the right settings to cook/heat or defrost the food in the best possible way.

The compact size of this microwave doesn’t take up much space yet it cooks everything efficiently. It has 10.5-inch glass turntable that rotates in 360-degree for even cooking. It’s all black front design with grey-silver border creates a unique appearance.

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It includes 39-inch long power cord for easy installation and reach the wall outlet. It comes with a bright LED display and control panel on front. In case you want to operate it manually, you can do it from the control panel buttons. It also has child lock function to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Compatible to Work with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Can be Operated through SmartHQ App from GE Appliances
  • Scan-to-Cook Technology Make It Easy to Operate for All
  • Preset Menu for Pizza, Popcorn, Potato, Vegetable, Beverage and Dinner Plate
  • Child Lock Prevent Unauthorized or Accidental Use by Kids
  • Interior LED Light and LED Display Offer Great Convenience
  • 39″ Power Cord Easily Reach Any Wall Outlet


  • Food Must be Present in GE’s Database to Use Scan-to-Cook Feature

My Experience:

I am a working woman who takes care of her family as well, so I hardly have anytime in the morning. I was in need of a smart microwave with Alexa support and some advanced features. After some days of research, I found this GE smart microwave and decided to buy it.

My husband helped me to install this and connect with Alexa. Thereafter I tried it with making a coffee for him and the microwave did work perfectly. I also installed the SmartHQ app from app store and connected it with the microwave.

This smart microwave reduced half of my cooking work in the morning. My hubby puts the bowl in the microwave, so I just need to give either voice command or order from the SmartHQ app on my phone.

I also used the Scan-to-Cook feature but some food items are not in GE’s database. So, I have to cook them manually. I loved its compact size and express cook features. Overall, It’s a compact smart microwave with Alexa for handsfree operation.

#3. Panasonic Smart Inverter Microwave


Voice Assistant Support Alexa
App Controls No
Food Capacity 1.4 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 1200W
Special Features Inverter Technology and Genius Sensor

Panasonic Smart Inverter Microwave is a countertop microwave oven with Alexa support and genius sensor. It supports 100+ voice commands from Alexa to let you operate it without touching its control panel. It adjusts time and heat/power level automatically as need for the food.

It provides easy setup with Alexa app, you just need to scan the 2D code on the microwave from Alexa app on your phone. The microwave will connect with Alexa immediately after the code is scanned. It code is given on right just above the microwave door.

It contains 1.4 cubic foot capacity to allow plenty of food at a time. It uses 1200-watt power with inverter technology to flow a steady stream of heat inside to cook the food evenly. It offers 20 preset menus including popcorn, turbo defrost and many more.

The built-in genius sensor detects the moisture level in food and adjusts power & time for it. The combination of genius sensor and inverter technology provide even cooking and delicious food taste every time. The Quick 30 button adds 30 seconds to the cooking/reheating process.


  • Alexa Enabled Microwave Support 100+ Voice Commands
  • Inverter Technology Provide Steady Stream of Heat for Even Cooking
  • Genius Sensor Detect Food to Adjust Time & Power Level Automatically
  • 1.4 Cubic Food Capacity Allows More Food at Once
  • Turbo Defrost Thaws Frozen Food Faster and Effectively
  • Large LED Display Show Power Levels, Timer and Other Settings


  • Some Users Faced Trouble to Connect It with Alexa

My Experience:

The inverter microwaves work better than non-inverter standard microwaves. A few months back, my mom told me that her 16-year old microwave died and I suggested her not to repair it anymore. So, my hubby and I decided to gift her a smart microwave on her birthday i.e. June 8.

I ordered it on May 31 and it arrived on June 2, I tested it for food, beverage and all stuff. It worked properly and I just loved its genius sensor as it did half of cooking work by itself. Then I packed it with a giftwrap and gave it to my mom on her 59th birthday.

My mom and dad live one mile away from my home, so I used to go there with my kids on weekends. Me and my mom have used this smart microwave for cooking, reheating, defrosting, melting and it has always worked in an ideal way. So, it’s a good microwave with Alexa support that is worth your money.

#4. Sharp Convection Microwave Drawer


Voice Assistant Support Alexa
App Controls Sharp Kitchen App
Food Capacity 1.4 Cubic Foot
Power Consumption 900W
Special Features Touchless Open/Close Drawer, Cooking, Roasting, Baking and Air Frying

Sharp Convection Microwave Drawer is a 24-inch compact smart microwave with amazing features. It is a drawer-style microwave with hidden control panel that you should open only when you need it. The control panel stays at 45-degree angle for quick access.

It is a smart convection microwave with two convection fans to allow turntable-free cooking. It can roast, bake, grill and air-fry the food on demand. It connects with Alexa to work on your voice commands and allow handsfree operation.

You can operate it with Alexa app or use Sharp Kitchen app on your phone. It is made of high grade stainless steel and black glass. It offers 1.4 cubic foot capacity with only 900-watt power usage. Its drawer open and close with one button-press without pulling with hands.

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It can accommodate up to two 3 qt. casserole dishes or 3 dinner plates. Its interior is also stainless steel and has enough height to fit a 20 oz. coffee cup. It also includes dishwasher safe racks and cooking tray to make your cooking experience better with this best smart microwave drawer with voice control.

It has 11 power levels for customized cooking and sensor cooking to save time. You can use sensor cook option for popcorn, potato, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, beverage and much more. Its compact size allows you to install it as a built-in microwave in a cabinet of your kitchen.


  • 11 Power Levels Allow Manual, Customized Cooking
  • Support Alexa for Handsfree Operation with Voice Commands
  • Also Support Sharp Kitchen App on Your Smartphone
  • 1.4 Cubic Foot Capacity Allow Up to Two 3 qt. Casserole Dishes
  • Sensor Cook Feature Work Automatically to Save Your Time
  • Touchless Open/Close of Drawer Offer Great Convenience
  • Control Panel Stay Hidden When Not in Use


  • Much More Expensive than Other Smart Microwaves

My Experience:

I was looking for a convection oven cum microwave that me and my husband can use at our farmhouse. I thought it’s a good idea to get 2-in-1 than buying two separate appliances. The Sharp 24-Inch Convection Microwave Oven is a versatile cooking appliance that I purchased last year.

My husband installed it in the kitchen and did all its setup. As he turned it on, I put a cup of coffee and asked Alexa to prepare it. Thereafter I have cooked chicken, mutton, vegetables, pizza, popcorn and many other food stuff. This microwave has always impressed me.

Every time we go to our farmhouse. I use it for cooking our family meals and it does all the jobs perfectly. At the time of purchase, I found it quite expensive but the performance of this smart convection microwave is outstanding. So, it’s a good choice microwave with Alexa and app control functions.

How to Set Time on an Alexa Microwave

The smart microwave is continuously connected with Alexa, so you can do everything by giving voice commands. Setting up correct time on the microwave is very important and it is easier with an Alexa microwave oven.

In order to set time on an Alexa microwave, you just need to connect the microwave with Alexa app on your phone. The microwave clock will be set on current time as it connects successfully with Alexa. You don’t need to set the clock time manually as long as it’s connected with Alexa.

In case your microwave is not connected with Alexa and you want to set time on it, you can do it manually. To set the time manually on a microwave, you need to use its control panel buttons. I recommend to use the user manual to learn how to set time on a microwave and follow its step-by-step instructions to do it.

For example, If you have a Toshiba Smart Countertop Microwave, you can set the time with help of following steps.

  1. Press Cook Time/Clock button on the control panel.
  2. Enter the current time with help of number pad.
  3. If the clock time is 12:39, enter 1,2,3,9 to set the time on microwave.
  4. Then press Cook Time/Clock button again to set the time.
  5. You have set the current time on the clock of your microwave.

FAQs about Smart Microwaves

The introduction of smart microwaves has inspired many people to switch to a new microwave with Alexa from an old standard microwave. The voice commands and touchless operation make the cooking task easier than ever.

Some people still believe that smart microwaves are very expensive as they offer innovative features but it’s not true. Here I provide some common questions about smart microwaves and their answers in brief as under.

Q.1 How much does a smart microwave cost?

A smart microwave costs between $100 and $300 depending upon its size, food capacity, brand and other things.

Q.2 Can Alexa control a microwave?

Yes, Alexa can control a microwave with its voice commands provided by the manufacturer of the smart microwave. You can read the voice commands in the user manual.

Q.3 How do I connect my microwave to Alexa?

You can connect your microwave to Alexa by turning on Wi-Fi on microwave and on your phone. Some microwaves have a 2D code on their body which you can scan from your phone to connect it to Alexa.

Q.4 What can an Alexa microwave do?

An Alexa microwave can do cooking, reheating and defrosting jobs on your voice commands.

Keep in Mind:

The smart microwave allows you to operate it via Alexa and/or its app on your phone. But the food bowl won’t go in the microwave on its own. You have to put the food bowl in the microwave and get it out when it’s ready to eat.

So, you need to stay near the microwave for putting the bowl and getting it out. You can manage all other cooking work with Alexa voice commands. Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal in entire house to operate the microwave from anywhere in the house.

Wrapping Up: Cook Smart with Alexa Microwave

Due to advancement in technology, many smart appliances have become a part of our home & kitchen. The smart microwaves are an upgraded version of standard microwaves. I hope that my recommended smart microwaves with Alexa are good enough to fulfill your cooking needs.

When you are not home, your spouse can use scan-to-cook function to prepare the food without setting anything manually. So, having a smart microwave cuts your cooking responsibilities into half so that you can utilize that time in other tasks.

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