12-Volt Microwaves for Boat

7 Easy to Use 12-Volt Microwaves for Boat

When you choose a 12V microwave for a boat, it is your best decision. Because the 12V microwave is portable and lightweight, so it is easy to carry to your boat. It is very compact, so you can store it in any small space of your boat and use it to heat up your food when needed.

The 12V microwave is an electric lunch box that is useful for camping and traveling through cars, trucks, RVs and boats. It is not as powerful as the countertop microwave in your kitchen but you can consider it as a portable microwave for cooking and reheating food when you are on a boat.

The portable microwave can prepare tea, coffee, cook raw food and reheat leftovers. It takes longer to cook raw food but it is convenient for having warm food during travel.

After a thorough research, my team found 7 portable microwaves for boats that are powered by a 12-volt battery. These microwaves consume less power yet provide warm food and beverage to meet your onboard needs.

7 Easy to Use 12-Volt Microwaves for Boat

Here I provide my picked top 7 12V microwaves for a boat with pros and cons of each microwave. I will also share my analysis on all seven microwaves to let you know their real life performance before buying one.

#1. FORABEST 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V, 24V, 110V and 220V
Power Consumption 50W
Food Capacity 1.5-Liters
Heating Up Time 25 to 50 Minutes
5-Star Ratings 79%

FORABEST 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box is a portable microwave for boats, cars, trucks and RVs. It is made of high grade plastic and stainless steel to provide safe storage for your food. It contains a lunch box with a steel spoon and a fork plus an additional plastic container.

FORABEST 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box comes with 1.5-liter food capacity to accommodate one person’s food at a time. The additional plastic container has 0.5-liter capacity. The lunch box has a sturdy lid with secure locks and a carrying handle on top. It also contains a thermal insulated bag with zipper closure and 2 straps on top for easy carrying.

It comes with different power supports for 12-volt, 24-volt and 110-volt. It uses 50-watt power at its maximum capacity. You can use this 12-volt microwave for a boat at home, office, cars, trucks, boats and other places. It takes 25 to 50 minutes to heat up the food depending upon the outside temperature.

What We Like
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Safe Food Reheating and Storage
  • Steel Fork and Spoon for Home-Like Eating Experience
  • Take Only 25 to 50 Minutes to Heat Up the Food
  • Secure Lid and Top Handle Allow Easy & Safe Carrying
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V Batteries in Boats, Cars, Trucks and Others
  • Connect with 110V Wall Outlet for Using at Home or Office
  • 1.5-Liter Capacity is Enough to Fit One Person’s Meal at Once
What Need Improvement
  • Can Heat Up Food But Cannot Cook It

My Experience:

My husband needs to carry a lunch box everyday. His workplace is far and sometimes he has to travel through boats. I bought this 2-in-1 12V microwave for a boat for him so that he can enjoy warm food even when he on the boat. He liked the design and quality of steel & plastic components.

After one week, my husband told me that he is happy with this portable microwave lunch box. Now, he asks me to cook his favorite food like chicken, mutton and eggs that taste better when warm. So, he carries this food warmer everyday and enjoys eating warm food.

Some people have complained that their microwave suddenly stopped working but mine still works fine. Overall, it is a good quality 12V microwave for boats to heat up the food anywhere, anytime. But remember that it cannot cook the food, it only reheats it.

#2. Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box Food Heater


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V, 24V and 110V
Power Consumption 60W
Food Capacity 1.5-Liters
Heating Up Time 20 to 30 Minutes
5-Star Ratings 60%

Travelisimo Electric Lunch Box Food Heater is a 3-in-1 microwave with 60-watt power usage. It works with batteries with a 12-volt socket or 24-volt socket, you can also use it by plugging its cord in the wall outlet at your home or office.

This portable 12-volt microwave for boats is available in grey, blue and green colors. You can choose it in your favorite color without paying any extra penny. It contains a stainless steel container and a small plastic container, both containers fit in a leak-resistant lunch box that is the microwave itself.

The materials used in making of this microwave are 100% safe and non-toxic. It has 1.5-liter food capacity and its power consumption is 60-watt. It can heat up your food in just 20 to 30 minutes, so you don’t have to waist for longer to eat warm food on your boat. It also provides a fork and a knife to let you eat food as you eat at home.

What We Like
  • Can be Used on Boats, in Cars, Trucks and at Home or Office
  • Capable to Heat Up Food in Just 20-30 Minutes
  • Leak-Resistant Lunch Box Creates No-Mess
  • Steel Fork and Knife Let You Eat Like Home on a Boat
  • Made of BPA-free and PVC-free Plastic, Safe to Use
  • Top Handle Allow Easy and Safe Carrying
What Need Improvement
  • Doesn’t Include an Insulated Bag
  • Can Heat Up Food But Can’t Cook It

My Experience:

Last year, I went on a cruise with my best friend. After one week, we decided to rent a boat and go on a water trip for an entire day. My friend brought her Travelisimo 12V microwave on the boat and she used it several times on that day.

I cooked some pasta and hot dogs in the morning, I carried them on the boat. She put two hot dogs in this portable microwave for heating up and it worked great. After 20 minutes, we enjoyed eating warm hot dogs on our boat.

I called up my friend recently and she told me that her microwave is still working. So, it is a powerful 60W microwave for boats that works perfectly with 12V, 24V and 110V power outlets. It doesn’t include an insulated bag that’s I have with the FORABEST 12V microwave but I liked its performance.

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#3. COROTC 3-in-1 12V Electric Lunch Box


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V, 24V and 110V
Power Consumption 60W
Food Capacity 1.5-Liters
Heating Up Time 25 to 40 Minutes
5-Star Ratings 70%

COROTC 3-in-1 12V Electric Lunch Box is a high quality microwave with different connecting options. You can use it with a 12V port in cars, vans, boats, with a 24V port in trucks & RVs and also with a 110V wall outlet at home, office and other places.

The COROTC has made this powerful 12V microwave for boats to heat up the food in just 25 minutes. Some food items may take longer up to 40 minutes. It offers 1.5-liter food capacity and uses 60-watt power to quickly heat up the food so that you can eat your favorite food as warm and delicious.

It is made of high quality stainless steel and non-toxic plastic. It also includes a fork and a knife for convenient easting on a boat. The insulated bag allows safe storage and prevent leaking to keep the food warm after heated up. It also has a handle on top to let you carry it without any issue.

What We Like
  • With 60W Power, It Heats Up Food in 25 to 40 Minutes
  • Suitable to Use in Cars, Boats, Trucks, Vans and RVs
  • Support 12V, 24V and 110V Power Supply to Allow Versatile Use
  • 1.5-Liter Food Capacity with Stainless Steel Container
  • Insulated Bag Keeps the Food Warm for Longer
  • Indicator Light Let You Know When the Microwave is On
What Need Improvement
  • Only Heating, Not Suitable for Cooking Raw Food
  • Some Users Claim that It Stopped Working After a Few Months

My Experience:

In April, I waslooking for a microwave that I can use at my office, on boat and in my truck. So, I bought this 3-in-1 microwave food warmer that supports 12V, 24V and 110V power connections. The quality materials and leakproof bag really impressed me.

I used this microwave on my boat with its 12V port for reheating my sandwich. Then I used it in my truck with its 24V port for heating up pasta and popcorn. Finally, I used it at my office with 110V wall outlet for heating up my entire lunch.

This 12V microwave lunch box is really good. It works well at all 3 options as it claimed. But the heating up time is lesser with 24V and 110V ports compared to the 12V port on my boat. It still works fine and I found it a value for money microwave for boats and outdoor use.

#4. Real Nature 12V Personal Food Warmer


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V Only
Power Consumption 39W
Food Capacity 1.5-Liters
Cooking Time 2 to 3 Hours
Heating Up Time 30 to 40 Minutes
5-Star Ratings 76%

Real Nature 12V Personal Food Warmer is an easy to use microwave for cooking and reheating food. It is an insulated bag with a heating plate and a power cord that plugs into the lighter port of a boat or car. It does not include any container, so you need a food container to cook or heat up your food in this portable microwave oven.

It is a 12V microwave for boats that uses only 39-watt power at its maximum capacity. It has enough space to fit a container with 1.5-liter food capacity. It can cook raw food in 2 to 3 hours and reheat cooked/leftover food in 30 to 40 minutes only.

When traveling on a boat, you should put your food in this microwave before 30-40 minutes of your lunch time. If you want to cook raw food then start cooking it at least 3 hours before you want to eat it. It has a handle on top and a shoulder strap to let you carry it safely and easily. It also has some pockets for storage of cord and other stuff when not in use.

What We Like
  • Simple Plug-N-Play Design, Easy to Use for Everyone
  • Can Cook Raw Food in 2 to 3 Hours
  • Can Reheat Cooked Food in 30 to 40 Minutes Only
  • 1.5-Liter Food Capacity is Enough for One Person
  • Works Perfectly with 12V Ports of Boats, Cars and Others
  • Shoulder Strap Make It Easy to Carry with Free hands
What Need Improvement
  • Works with 12V Ports Only, Not with 24V or 110V Ports
  • Users Claim that Its Cord Quality Could be Better

My Experience:

My cousin works with a pharma company, so she has to travel a lot. On her birthday (June 21), I gifted her this 12V microwave for a boat so that she can heat up her food even if she is not at home. She started using the microwave from the next day of her birthday.

After a week, I went to her home and she told me that this portable microwave for cars works better than she expected. She was happy with its low power consumption and quick reheating process. She told me that its power cord quality is average but it works properly.

On Christmas, I called her up to wish and talk. During our long conversation, she told me that that tiny microwave was still working as good as it was on first time. Cooking raw food in this 12V microwave takes too long but it’s great for reheating the food.

#5. Koolatron 12V Microwave Lunch Box


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V Only
Power Consumption 60W
Food Capacity 1.5-Liters
Cooking Time 2 to 3 Hours
Heating Up Time 20 to 30 Minutes
5-Star Ratings 69%

Koolatron 12V Microwave Lunch Box is a classic style microwave for rapid heating of food at outdoors. It is made of high-grade ABS exterior with clasp locking for keep the food inside without leaking. Its aluminum interior allows easy cleaning after every use. It provides 1.5-liter food capacity.

It connects with the 12V port of your boat and starts heating up food ASAP. It takes the inner temperature to high as 300°F to rapidly cook or reheat the food. You can expect this 12V microwave for a boat to cook raw food in 2-3 hours and heat up leftovers in 20 to 30 minutes.

It comes with a handle on top so that you can carry it anywhere you want. It includes the microwave food warmer box and a power cord but not the lunch box, spoons or forks. So, you should either have a lunch box that fits in this microwave or get a suitable lunch box cum food container to put in it.

What We Like
  • Sturdy ABS Exterior with Secure Clasp Locking
  • Aluminum Interior Allow Heat Retention and Easy Cleaning
  • Can Cook Raw Food in 2 to 3 Hours
  • Rapid Heating to Warm Up Food in Just 20-30 Minutes
  • Can Take Inside Temperature to 300°F for Quick Cooking
What Need Improvement
  • Users Claim that Its Temperature Doesn’t Reach 300°F

My Experience:

My husband needed a portable stove that he can use on a boat provided by his employer for work. We discussed about it and thought let’s get a 12V microwave for a boat that can offer ease of use compared to any stove. So, I ordered this Koolatron 12-volt heating lunch box for him.

After opening the microwave and testing it in our car, I realized that it doesn’t go high to 300°F as the manufacturer claims but it works well. My husband carried his lunch box in this microwave for a 7-day work trip on a boat. After 7 days, he returned home.

My husband told me that this microwave heated his food faster in 20 to 25 minutes. All 7 days, he ate warm food and he had no complaint against this food warmer. He used it for reheating food only and not for cooking purposes.

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#6. Aotto 12V Portable Microwave Oven


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V and 24V
Power Consumption 45W
Food Capacity 1.7-Liters
Cooking Time 12V: 70 to 90 Minutes

24V: 50 to 70 Minutes

Heating Up Time 12V: 60 to 80 Minutes

24V: 40 to 60 Minutes

5-Star Ratings 65%

Aotto 12V Portable Microwave Oven is a large microwave with 1.7-liter food capacity. It is a portable oven that works with both the 12-volt ports and 24-volt ports. It means that you can use it on boats, in cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs as well.

It is designed to cook raw food and also for reheating cooked food. With a 12V port, it takes 70 to 90 minutes to cook the food and 60 to 80 minutes to heat up the food. On the other hand, it takes 50 to 70 minutes to cook the food and 40 to 60 minutes to heat up the food with a 24V port.

It is made of high quality nylon exterior and premium aluminum lining interior. The aluminum lining retain heat to keep the food warm after heated up. It contains a heating plate that accepts glass, plastic and other safe containers with flat bottom. You can put your food container in this microwave to get it ready in a few minutes.

What We Like
  • Work with 12-Volt Ports and 24-Volt Ports
  • 1.5-Liter Capacity Allow More Food than Other 12V Microwaves
  • Allow Cooking Raw Food and Heating Up Leftovers
  • Provide Faster Cooking with a 24V Port than a 12V Port
  • Top Handle Allow Easy and Safe Carrying
  • Removable Shoulder Strap for Handsfree Carrying
What Need Improvement
  • Heating Time is Longer than Other 12V Microwaves
  • People Complain that It Stopped Working after Some Months

My Experience:

My husband was going on his work trip in October, 2 days before our wedding anniversary. He asked me if I would like to go with him, I agreed. We carried two Aotto 12V microwave boxes on our boat. We were on a trip of 3 days and we brought all pre-cooked food we needed.

My hubby and I used this portable microwave oven on our boat for heating up different food items. He was impressed but I wasn’t because I have seen other 12V microwaves that heat up food in 30-minutes, while this one was taking almost one hour every time.

On last day of our trip, I decided to cook a piece of raw beef in this 12V microwave food heater. Well, it did the job but took almost 1 hour and 45 minutes to cook it properly. We didn’t have any 24V ports, so we had to use the 12V port of our boat.

#7. Alfredx 12V Boat Microwave


Compatible Ports/Sockets 12V Only
Power Consumption 40W
Food Capacity 9-Liters
Cooking Time 1 to 2 Hours
Heating Up Time 30 to 40 Minutes
Defrosting Time 3+ Hours
5-Star Ratings 72%

Alfredx 12V Boat Microwave is the last portable microwave for boats, cars, trucks and SUVs. It is compatible with 12-volt ports only but I love it for its food capacity. It offers 9-liter food capacity which is almost 6 times of any 12-volt microwave with 1.5-liter capacity.

If you want a portable microwave for boats to cook food for your family, this one is perfect for you. It can cook and reheat a large amount of food at once so that you don’t need spend much time on cooking/reheating when on a holiday boat trip with your family or friends.

In terms of features, this compact microwave for a boat can cook, reheat and defrost the food. It can cook raw food and canned soup in 1 to 2 hours, while it reheats cooked food (leftovers) in 30 to 40 minutes. It can also defrost frozen food but you have to keep the food inside this microwave for 3+ hours.

When you use this 12V microwave oven, you don’t need to worry about food burning or blurring. Because this electric lunch box keeps the inner temperature between 149°F and 239°F to keep the food warm and prevent burning or blurring even if you keep the food inside after it is cooked/heated up.

What We Like
  • 9-Liter Capacity Can Fit Whole Family’s Food at Once
  • Can Cook Raw Food, Reheat Leftovers and Thaw Frozen Food
  • Heat Up Cooked Food in Just 30-40 Minutes
  • Cook Raw Food and Canned Soup in 1-2 Hours
  • Work Perfectly in All Boats with a 12V Port
  • Keep Temp b/w 149°F & 239°F to Prevent Burning/Blurring
What Need Improvement
  • More Food Capacity But Also Larger in Size
  • People Claim that It Takes Longer to Cook/Reheat in Winter

My Experience:

After using all mini microwaves for boats, I was looking for something that can heat up more food. Because I want to prepare food for 6 to 8 people at once and a 12V microwave with 1.5-liter capacity can’t do that. So, I chose this 12-volt microwave from Alfredx.

I have used this electric food heater cum microwave for cooking raw food and reheating leftovers. It offers 9-liter food capacity which allowed me to prepare food for multiple people in one time so that I can enjoy the boat trip or road trip with everyone.

I have noticed that this microwave works better in other seasons compared to winter. The outside cold climate reduces its reheating speed but everything else is fine. The best feature of this 12V microwave is that it keeps the food warm and doesn’t let it burn or blur after cooking/heating up is done.

How We Picked Top 7 12V Microwaves for Boats

A few months back, I had a long discussion with my team about microwaves for boats. As a team, we decided to find out portable microwaves that run on batteries because they suit the most on boats. After one week, my team was ready with 25 12-volt microwaves that we ordered online.

It took only 2-3 days for all microwaves to get delivered at my place. My team and I tested each 12V microwave for a boat for one week to know how good a microwave is and what it lacks. After two month, I asked my team members to prepare a top 5 or top 10 list.

My team came up with a top 7 list of 12-volt portable microwaves for boats that are good enough to consider for buying now. So, this is how my team and I did a thorough research & testing on microwaves for boats to suggest the best options for you.

Things to Check in a Microwave for Boats

Buying a new microwave is easy for experienced people and a bit complicated for first time buyers. If you want to buy a user-friendly microwave for a boat then you should check some important things in the microwave.

Now, I will explain the most important things that you should check in a microwave for boats before you decide to buy it.

12-Volt Microwave for Boat
12-Volt Microwave for Boat

Microwave Size:

The microwave you use in your kitchen is not suitable to use on a boat. Because it takes a lot of space and requires proper installation with venting. Therefore I suggest you to get a 12-volt microwave that is compact, lightweight and portable to fit anywhere on your boat.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the microwave is not too large. It should be compact enough to stay in a small corner of the boat when not in use.

Volt and Wattage:

As I said, you should pick a 12-volt microwave so that you can use it on your boat without worrying about power consumption. The 12V microwave for boats runs on a battery and uses 39-watts to 60-watts power.

You may have a 24-volt lighter port in your car/truck and a 12-volt port on your boat. So, you should get a 2-in-1 microwave that supports both the 12V and 24V ports so that you can use it in your car and on your boat as well.

Food Capacity:

Almost all 12-volt microwaves provide food capacity under 2-liters. The food capacity of a battery powered microwave lies between 1.4-liters to 2-liters but there is an exception i.e. Alfredx 12-volt microwave that offers 9-liters food capacity.

I have suggested 7 powerful 12V microwaves for boats from which you should choose the one that meets your needs. If you want a boat microwave with more food capacity then choose Alfredx 12V microwave otherwise go with a compact microwave with 1.5-liters capacity.

Cooking and Heating Time:

Some 12V microwaves are designed for heating up the food and not for cooking raw food. You should check the cooking time and heating time before you finalize a microwave for your boat. It is better to choose a microwave that heats up your food in 30 minutes than a microwave that takes more than 1 hour for the same task.

Carrying Handle:

The 12-volt microwaves are portable and lightweight but they should have a handle. You should check if your selected microwave has a handle on top or a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The handle/strap allows you to carry your microwave easily from home to the boat and anywhere you go.

In this way, you can find the best portable microwave for your boat by considering the important points I have shared above.

Safety Tips to Use a 12V Microwave on a Boat

12-Volt Microwaves for Boat
12-Volt Microwave for Boat

Using a microwave on a boat is super easy and convenient. But you should have a 12-volt microwave for boats and follow the recommended safety tips that I am sharing here. Kindly, take care of following guidelines when you use a 12V microwave on your boat to avoid accidents.

[1] Keep It Stable:

At the time of reheating your food, make sure that the microwave is on a flat surface. The microwave must not move during the entire reheating process otherwise the food may fall out of container and create a mess.

Cooking or heating up food on an unstable microwave on a boat is dangerous. It can cause unwanted mess inside the microwave and can also damage the heating plate. So, you must keep the microwave steady during the heating up process.

[2] Use a Microwave-Safe Container:

You should carry one or more microwave-safe containers to your boat. I strictly advise to use a microwave-safe container for cooking/reheating the food in your 12V microwave food warmer. You can refer the user manual of your microwave to know which food containers, bowls and plates are safe for your microwave and which ones are not.

Always heat up your food in a microwave-safe container to avoid overheating, melting, burning and fire hazard issues in your microwave.

[3] Monitor the Process:

When you are using the 12V microwave on your boat, stay nearby it. Don’t leave the microwave as long as it is heating up your food. Once the food is heated, get it out and unplug the power cord. Then you can go away from the microwave as there is no risk.

If you leave the microwave when it is heating up food, it may overcook the food or burn it. You may forget about food inside the microwave and it can cause a fire hazard in the microwave. So, it’s better not to leave the microwave alone when it is in use.

[4] Stay Away from Water:

During your journey on the boat, make sure that the microwave or its cord does not touch the water. You should never operate the microwave with wet hands otherwise it can damage the microwave.

If you are using it heat up your soup, fill the container up to half so that it won’t spill out of it during the heating process. You should keep the microwave safe so that it does not come in direct contact with water at any cost.

[5] Keep in a Safe Storage:

When you are traveling on a boat, you should keep your microwave at a safe place. You should keep the microwave in a waterproof and leakproof bag when it is not in use. The bag will protect the microwave from unwanted damages so that it can last for years.

You should get your microwave out of the bag only when you want to heat up food. In order to keep the microwave safe, you should find a place for the microwave on your boat away from water and people.

By following the 5 important tips, you can keep your microwave safe on a boat and use it for many years. You should keep all safety tips in mind to save yourself from accidents and your microwave from getting damaged.

FAQs about 12V Microwave for Boat

12-volt microwaves are designed to use on the go. You can get a 12V microwave to cook or reheat food on camping, picnics and traveling in a car, van, RV or boat.

Before you buy a new portable microwave for a boat, you should clear your doubts that are responsible for your confusion. Here I provide some necessary questions about 12V microwaves for boats and I will also answer each question, so read carefully.

Q.1 Can I use a microwave on a boat?

Yes, you can use a microwave on a boat to heat up your food and enjoy eating warm food every time. You should get a 12-volt microwave for a boat because it’s easy to operate and fits in any small space of your boat.

Q.2 Can a microwave run on a 12-volt battery?

Yes, a microwave can run on a 12-volt battery but it’s not the countertop microwave or over-the-range microwave that you have in your kitchen. It is a battery powered microwave that runs on a 12-volt battery in boats, cars, trucks and RVs.

Q.3 How many watts does a 12-volt microwave use?

A 12-volt microwave uses very limited amount of watts from 39-watts to 60-watts at its maximum power consumption capacity. Such a portable microwave is very useful to let you eat fresh & warm food during your journey on a boat.

Q.4 Is a 12V microwave safe to use on a boat?

Yes, a 12V microwave is safe to use on a boat as it does not use much power and it fits in any small space. Moreover, a 12-volt microwave for a boat is compact, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere yo go.

Wrapping Up: Have a Happy & Safe Cooking on a Boat

A microwave for a boat can heat up food when you are in the middle of the sea. The 12V microwave is powered by batteries of your boat, so you don’t need to arrange any special power supply line for it.

Cooking food on a 12V microwave for a boat takes 1 to 2 hours but reheating is faster. It heats up your food in 30 to 50 minutes. All 7 portable microwaves that I shared above are safe to use on boats with their leakproof design and high quality materials.

I have shared unbiased reviews of most recommended microwaves for boats and also shared my personal experience with each microwave. I hope that my research based reviews will help you to get a 12V microwave for a boat that meets your needs and expectations.

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