How to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

How to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating Problem

The Kenmore Microwaves are made of high quality components with all safety features. Therefore they work well for many years but that doesn’t mean a Kenmore Microwave can never break or stop. It is an electronic gadget and it may need repairing sooner or later.

The Kenmore Microwave Not Heating Issue indicates that there is some problem in the microwave. If your Kenmore Microwave is not heating up then you need to find its solution. Don’t worry, I have found how to fix this issue and I will tell you everything about it.

Why is My Kenmore Microwave Not Heating?

Your Kenmore Microwave is not heating because it has an issue with the door, door switch, diode, capacitor, magnetron or other parts. Like all kitchen appliances, the microwave can also show up an error or trouble to work some day.

Here I provide the reasons/causes of Kenmore Microwave Turn On But Not Heating as follows.

Simple Reasons for Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

  1. Microwave Timer is ON
  2. Microwave Door is Not Closed Properly

Technical Reasons for Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

  1. One or More Door Switches are Defective
  2. High Voltage Diode is Defective or Burnt Out
  3. Capacitor is Faulty or Burnt Out
  4. Transformer Malfunctioning
  5. Thermal Fuse is Blown
  6. Thermostat or Thermo-protector is Disconnected (Due to Defective Wiring Issue)
  7. Magnetron is Broken or Burnt Out

So, your Kenmore Microwave can stop heating because of one or more of the above reasons. In order to fix the issue, you need to check which part of your microwave is in trouble and then fix it.

9 Quick Ways to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

The Kenmore Microwave not heating issue can be because of either simple reasons or technical reasons. If your Kenmore Microwave has a simple issue then you can fix it by yourself.

In case your microwave has a technical issue then you need to get help of a professional technician. Because only a professional technician has enough knowledge and required skills to fix the microwave by repairing or replacing its defective part(s).

DIY Fixes for Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

How to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

Sometimes, your Kenmore Microwave doesn’t heat up due to common issues. You can fix these issues by yourself. Here I provide 2 DIY fixed for Kenmore Microwave not heating so that you can do-it-yourself to get your microwave work again.

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[I] Microwave Timer is ON: Turn It Off

The microwave timer is a countdown timer that works only when the microwave is empty. If you press timer button instead of cook button then the microwave won’t heat up. So, you need to turn off the timer and then press the cook button to make your Kenmore Microwave heat up again.

[II] Microwave Door is Not Closed Properly: Check It

Every microwave is designed with important safety functions, Kenmore Microwave is also the same. If the microwave door is not closed properly, it won’t start heating inside. This function is added to protect the microwave and its users.

If this is the issue, you should open the door and shut it properly. Every time you close your microwave door, make sure you shut the door properly. Only then press the cook/heat button and it should start heating normally.

7 Ways to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating [Technical Skills Required]

Your Kenmore Microwave not heating up problem can occur because of technical reasons. I have explained all 7 technical reasons above and now I am going to explain how to fix those issues to get your microwave heat up again.

How to Fix Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

Kindly note that you should have technical knowledge and skills about microwaves to fix the technical issues of the Kenmore Microwave. In case you don’t have required knowledge & skills, I strongly recommend you to hire a professional technician.

In order to fix your Kenmore Microwave not heating issue, you need some tools to open the microwave and repair/replace defective parts. The professional technician can do it faster and safely to save your microwave from further damage and fix all issues to make it work normally.

#1. One or More Door Switches are Defective: Replace Them

The door switches are an important part of every microwave. Your Kenmore Microwave may have 3 to 4 door switches to monitor the door status. The main job of door switches is to detect if the microwave door is closed properly or not.

If the door is not closed properly, the switches don’t allow the microwave to heat up. You can try opening & closing the door to fix it but it may not fix the issue if one or more door switches are broken. In this case, you need to replace all defective door switches.

#2. Replace the High Voltage Diode

The diode converts AC power of the transformer into DC power as required by the microwave to function properly. The diode also increase the voltage to double so that the magnetron can receive enough voltage for creating heat inside the Kenmore Microwave.

The high voltage diode should be in its ideal condition to let the microwave work. In case the diode is burnt then you need to replace it with a new one. If the diode seems normal and not burnt, you should attach a 9-volt battery in series to check if it is working properly or malfunctioning.

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If the diode is malfunctioning, replace it. If the diode is working fine then there is no need to replace it.

#3. Replace the Capacitor

The high voltage capacitor and the diode work together to convert incoming AC power into DC power. They receive AC power from the transformer and convert it into direct current (DC) power plus increase voltage. Then capacitor and diode send the high voltage DC power to the magnetron.

The magnetron uses the DC power to generate heat required for cooking the food into Kenmore Microwave. When the Kenmore Microwave doesn’t heat, it’s time to check the capacitor condition. open the microwave and see if the capacitor is in good condition or not.

You should also use a VOM (volt-ohm-meter) to test its working ability. If the capacitor is working properly then leave it as it is. In case the capacitor is not working properly with VOM test then you need to replace it with a new one.

#4. Replace the Transformer

The transformer is also an important component of every Kenmore Microwave. The transformer, its name suggests that it transfers something and it’s true. Some tech guys call it the high voltage transformer.

In your Kenmore Microwave, the transformer carries power supply from one circuit to the other circuit. When the Kenmore Microwave is not heating, it is possible that the transformer is at fault. It can happen due to the burnt out transformer, so you should check the transformer condition.

You may also experience a burning smell with/without smoke if the transformer is burnt out. If it is so, it’s time to replace the transformer in your Kenmore Microwave to fix the not heating issue.

#5. Replace the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse works like a guard in a microwave and many other appliances. Your Kenmore Microwave also contains a thermal fuse that cuts off the power supply when the microwave inside heat level is too much.

Like every microwave, the Kenmore Microwave requires ventilation to dissipate heat. If the microwave generates more heat and dissipates less heat, the thermal fuse cuts the power supply to keep it in balance. If the thermal fuse is blown out then the microwave stops heating up.

The fuse may seen burnt or normal, so you need to do further testing. You should have a multimeter to check if the thermal fuse is working or not. If the thermal fuse is faulty then you must replace it with a new one to fix the issue.

#6. Disconnected Thermostat: Check & Correct Microwave Wiring

The thermostat (or thermo-protector) also works to protect the Kenmore microwave. In case the thermostat is disconnected in your microwave, you need to check its wiring. Because the defective wiring can cause this issue, so open the microwave and check the whole wiring thoroughly.

After correcting the wiring of the microwave, also check the venting fan motor and other parts. If any other part is damaged, you should replace it.

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#7. Replace the Magnetron

The magnetron is the main component of a microwave. It generates microwaves of heat from the high voltage power. The same heat goes in the microwave interior to cook the food. So, the microwave does not heat up if the magnetron is faulty or burnt out.

When your Kenmore Microwave is not heating up, kindly check the condition of its magnetron. If the magnetron is broken or burnt out then you must replace it with a new one.

In this way, you can hire a professional to check the technical issues in your Kenmore Microwave and fix it.

FAQs about Kenmore Microwave Not Heating

The Kenmore Microwave not heating problem can occur due to many different reasons. When your working microwave suddenly stops working, you may have so much confusion about it. Here I provide some common questions about it and I will also answer the questions.

Q.1 Why is my Kenmore Microwave turning on but not heating?

Your Kenmore Microwave is turning on but not heating because of its door is not closed properly or door switches are broken. The Kenmore microwave not heating issue also occurs due to a faulty/burnt diode or capacitor or transformer or thermal fuse or magnetron.

Q.2 How do I reset my Kenmore Microwave?

You can reset your Kenmore Microwave by pressing and/or holding the Reset button. For hard reset, kindly unplug the microwave cord from wall outlet and plug it in only after 30 minutes. After resetting your Kenmore Microwave, you need to set the time in its clock.

Q.3 Can a Kenmore Microwave be repaired?

Yes, a Kenmore Microwave be repaired by any professional technician having required knowledge and skills about the microwave.

Q.4 How do I know if my Kenmore Microwave fuse is blown?

You should open the microwave and check the fuse condition to know if your Kenmore Microwave fuse is blown or not. You can also check the fuse using multimeter to know if it’s working properly.

Q.5 How much does it cost to fix a Kenmore Microwave not heating?

It costs between $50 and $400 to fix a Kenmore Microwave not heating issue. The actual cost of repairing the microwave depends upon the part/component that is damaged in the microwave.

Final Verdict: Kenmore Microwave Now Heating

Then reason for a Kenmore Microwave not heating can be different from person to person. Based on my professional experience with Kenmore Microwaves, I have shared all my knowledge with you so that you can fix the issue with your microwave.

It is important to get your microwave repaired by a professional and only then you should get into use again. It may cost a few more dollars but it will also save you and your microwave from damages caused by unauthorized repairs or mistakes in repairing.

I hope that you have found a solution for your Kenmore Microwave not heating problem from my suggested fixes. In case you still have any query then ask me in the comment section.

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