How to Microwave Peeps

How to Microwave Peeps | Make Peeps Jousting in the Microwave

Peeps are very cute and delicious candies available in different colors. The fans of Peeps are not just children, even adults and elderly people love eating Peeps on Easter, Christmas and other festive days. Some people want to know “how to microwave Peeps” because they want to try something new with Peeps.

The Peeps come in ready-to-eat condition and we all eat Peeps as they are. However, some enthusiastic people like me want to make different dishes with Peeps to change their taste, shape and overall eating experience.

Why Do People Microwave Peeps?

People microwave Peeps for different reasons. Some people want to make the Peeps softer which is possible with the microwave. On the other hand, some people want to expand Peeps to make them look bigger. So, the reason to microwave Peeps can be different for every person.

If I share my perspective, I have microwaved Peeps so many times. The first time, I did it as an experiment that I love doing on different food items. My experiment went successful and everybody loved the taste of expanded Peeps. So, I kept microwaving Peeps till today and will microwave new Peeps as they come in the market.

Can You Put Peeps in Microwave?

Peeps in Microwave
Peeps in Microwave

Yes, you can put Peeps in Microwave to make them larger, softer and yummier than ever. Putting Peeps in the microwave is a personal choice for everyone. The Peeps come pre-cooked and in ready-to-eat condition, so you can eat Peeps right out of the box.

The Peeps are flavored marshmallow candies in the unique shapes of chicks and bunnies. The Peeps are safe to put in the microwave but not for longer. You can microwave Peeps for a few seconds and they are ready to eat. There is no restriction on microwaving Peeps but be careful when doing it to avoid burst or explosion of Peeps inside the microwave.

How to Microwave Peeps in a Safe Way

You can microwave Peeps but you need to do it carefully. In order to make it easier for you, here I provide a step-by-step process to microwave Peeps in the safest possible way.

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You should have four things to perform the task of microwaving Peeps in your kitchen. These things are some Peeps packs, a large spoon, a microwave-safe plate and a microwave oven. Make sure that you have all necessary things when you start the process.

  1. Get Peeps out of its pack carefully.
  2. Place several Peeps in the microwave-safe plate.
  3. Put the plate with Peeps in the microwave.
  4. Run the microwave for 50 seconds to 1 minute.
  5. Open the microwave door and get the Peeps plate out.
  6. Use the large spoon to shift microwaved Peeps to your dining plate.

The duration of 50 seconds to 1 minute is suitable when you microwave several Peeps together. If you want to microwave only one Peep then set the microwave timer for 20 seconds only.

In this way, you can microwave Peeps to change their shape and taste. The Peeps become larger and softer after they are microwaved. If you don’t eat them after microwaving, the Peeps will shrink/deflate and become harder.

Why Do Peeps Expand in the Microwave?

The Peeps expand in the microwave because of 3 elements named sugar, water and air bubbles. All 3 elements are present in Peeps and they occupy a lot of portion of Peeps. When you microwave Peeps, the heat waves cause the water molecules to vibrate inside.

When the water molecules vibrate inside Peeps continuously, they heat up the water. When the water inside Peeps heat up, the sugar starts warming up. The air pockets/bubbles also get warmed up and the heat causes air molecules to move faster.

The heated air molecules move faster and push the Peeps walls. The warm sugar allows the air molecules to push the walls to expand further. So, this is how Peeps expand in the microwave. The ingredients of Peeps are the main cause of expansion through heat generated by the microwave.

Do Peeps Melt in Heat?

Yes, Peeps melt in heat due to their body composition. The Peeps are made of sugar, water, corn syrup and gelatin. The sugar and water are not heat resistant, so the heat generated by microwave or any other device affect Peeps.

If you heat up Peeps for a few seconds, the heat will cause Peeps to expand. In case you keep heating up Peeps for longer, it will burst Peeps and ultimately melt them. The long heating can turn Peeps into the colorful sugary liquid.

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The Peeps are microwave-safe if you heat up multiple Peeps for one minute or less. If you microwave Peeps for longer, the Peeps may burst or explode inside the microwave and start melting soon. If you still keep microwaving Peeps, the heat waves will burn them.

How Long Do I Put a Peep in the Microwave?

You should put a Peep in the microwave for 20 seconds for one Peep piece. If you want to microwave multiple Peeps at once, put the Peeps in the microwave for 50 seconds to 1 minute only.

The Peeps start expanding as the microwave generates heat waves. The duration of microwaving Peeps may vary for different microwave models. If you have a powerful microwave, it can heat up a Peep in 15 to 20 seconds, while a low wattage microwave can take up to 30 seconds to make a Peep warm.

How Do You Make Peeps Fight in the Microwave?

Peeps Jousting in the Microwave
Peeps Jousting in the Microwave

You can make Peeps fight in the microwave by doing a unique task. My kids love watching wrestling and action movies, their favorite toys are hulk, superman, spider-man, ironman and batman. My kids and I wanted to watch the Peeps fight in the microwave, so we made it happen.

It seems complicated but actually it’s super easy. You need some Peeps (chicks), paper plates, toothpicks and a microwave. When you have all four things ready, follow the steps given below to make Peeps fight with each other.

  1. Get a paper plate and place it on the kitchen counter.
  2. Get 2 Peeps out of its pack and place in the paper plate.
  3. Arrange 2 Peeps in a way to make them stand facing each other.
  4. Inject the non-pointed end of the toothpick in stomach of each Peep with pointed part towards other Peep.
  5. Put the paper plate in the microwave and close the door.
  6. Run the microwave for 40 seconds and watch.
  7. Enjoy watching Peeps fight and see whose weapon (toothpick) hits the other first.

When you make Peeps fight in the microwave, you have to keep eyes on them for whole 40-50 seconds. The Peep whose toothpick hits/goes in other Peep’s body is the winner. You can play this game with several rounds of Peeps fighting and enjoy watching with your kids.

Are Peeps Real Marshmallows?

Yes, Peeps are real marshmallows made by Just Born, Inc. company. The regular marshmallow candies are yummy but Peeps offer a unique shape that make them look cute and more attractive.

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The Peeps are available in various colors in the shape of chicks (baby chickens), bunny, snowmen, candy cane and many more. The Peeps are made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin as well as carnauba wax, potassium sorbate and natural flavors.

FAQs about Peeps in Microwave

When you get new Peeps packs, you have two choices i.e. eating Peeps out of the box or modifying them to get a desired taste. You may have heard of putting Peeps in microwave to soften them but are Peeps safe to microwave? Yes, they are microwave-safe.

Here I provide some important questions about Peeps in microwave so that you can microwave Peeps safely and enjoy eating softer Peeps with your kids. Kindly follow all questions and answers carefully.

Q.1 Why are Peeps called Peeps?

Peeps are called Peeps because they are in shape of chicks. The actual meaning of Peep is a high-pitched sound made by a bird and the chicks also make such sounds. So, this is the reason for which these marshmallow candies are called Peeps.

Q.2 Is it safe to microwave Peeps?

Yes, it is safe to microwave Peeps but you should not keep Peeps in microwave for longer than one minute. For single Peep makers, you should not keep a Peep in microwave for longer than 20 seconds.

Q.3 Does microwaving Peeps make them softer?

Yes, microwaving Peeps make them softer and warmer, it also expand the Peeps to make them bigger.

Q.4 Are Peeps vegan?

No, Peeps are not vegan as there is pig in Peeps. The Peeps are made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin in which gelatin is derived from pork products. So, keep it in mind if you are a vegan.

Wrapping Up: Microwave Peeps in Your Style

Peeps are available in yellow, white, pink, blue and other colors in the shape of chicks, bunnies and other animals. Nowadays, People are quite creative, so they microwave Peeps to make them softer than they are in the original condition.

The Peeps expand as they are microwaved that you need to consider when doing it. The expansion of Peeps change their shape but the taste and feel become better. The microwaved peeps are warm, softer and more delicious compared to normal Peeps.

So, microwaving Peeps is a wonder idea, you can also make Peeps fight in the microwave. I have explained the step-by-step process for that as well. You can also add Peeps to your favorite dish after microwaving them and enjoy eating them.

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