How to Silence A Microwave to Cook Quietly

The microwave makes beep sounds to inform you that the cooking process is over. It also beeps when the door is open or not closed properly. Sometimes, the microwave doesn’t stop beeping which is an error and you must do something to fix it ASAP.

In order to silence a microwave, you need to know if it has a separate button for sound on/off. You can mute the microwave by pressing & holding that button for 3 seconds. Here i will share my experience e of how to silence a microwave during normal use and some tricks to silence a constantly beeping microwave.

Why Does my Microwave Beep?

All microwave ovens come with beep and other sound functions. The sound of microwave indicates that the food cooking/reheating process is over. It also beeps to remind you that the microwave door is open or not closed properly.

The beep sound coming from the microwave is actually useful for you. It informs you to update about the food condition or the timer is not set or the microwave is not receiving enough power from the supply line or others.

So, the manufacturer has added beep sound in the microwave to keep the user informed about important things.

Can I Silence My Microwave?

Yes, you can silence your microwave with help of its control panel. There should be a dedicated sound button on the control panel of your microwave. If not, there should be a secondary sound button with a primary function button of the microwave. You need to use that button to silence your microwave oven.

The microwave makes a variety of noises, not all of them can be silenced. The microwave makes noise during its cooking cycle, reheating cycle and defrosting cycle. This noise is not much and it remains throughout the usage life of the microwave.

Some microwave doors have a spring that makes noise when you open and close the door. This noise is also not high enough to disturb you or anyone in the house. You cannot silence this noise.

So, the only noise or sound you can silence in your microwave is its beeping sound.

How to Silence a Microwave

You should know the basics of a microwave to know how to silence it. There are many brands that make high quality microwave ovens. Each microwave comes with an LCD/LED display and a control panel with several buttons.

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How to Silence a Microwave

Among all control buttons, you need to find the sound on/off button. This button is either a dedicated one or combined with other function button of the microwave. As you find the sound button press & hold it for 3 seconds to turn off the sound.

So, this is how you can silence a microwave when it’s working properly but you don’t want it to make beep sounds.

How to Silence a Microwave that Keeps Beeping

Sometimes, your microwave starts beeping and doesn’t stop. The constant beeping sound of the microwave is irritating, so you have to take action to turn it off.

Before giving the tricks to fix this issue, I want to discuss some common reasons for a microwave doesn’t stop beeping as follows.

Possible Reasons for a Microwave Keeps Beeping

  • The microwave won’t stop beeping if its door is not closed properly. You must check if the microwave door is closed in its ideal way or not. You can open the door and close it firmly to fix the issue and turn off the beeping sound.
  • The microwave may keep beeping to indicate that it is not receiving enough power. The microwave needs 110V or 120V AC power from wall outlet. If it doesn’t get it enough, it will inform you with constant beeping sound. You should fix the power supply issue to silence the microwave.
  • The microwave makes continuous beeping sound when you forget to set the timer for a cooking process/cycle. In that case, you should set the timer to turn off the beep sound of the microwave.
  • The microwave also starts beeping when child lock is activated. It may also beep when somebody tries to access it when the child lock is on. So, the solution is simple, turn off child lock to silence the beeps.
  • There is a limit of heat level inside the microwave. If the microwave interior is overheating, it will start beeping to inform you. The overheated microwave can burn the food and also damage the circuit. You should turn it off and never let it overheat again.
  • The last reason for the microwave won’t stop beeping can be a glitch or technical issue. It can be related to microwave software or its sensors. You can fix it to an extent, I will tell you how.

What to Do When Your Microwave Keeps Beeping

When your microwave keeps beeping, you need to check for the problem. If the beeping sound is caused by one of the above reasons, you can fix it as I suggested above. If there is a technical issue with your microwave oven then go ahead to find a suitable solution.

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How to Silence a Microwave that Keeps Beeping

Now, I am going to share some amazing tricks to silence a microwave that won’t stop beeping due to a technical problem.

#1. Reset Sensors with a Quick Break Routine

The microwave contains sensors that play beep sounds to indicate about important things. If the sensors are faulty, they cause different problems including continuous beeping. You can fix the faulty sensors of your microwave by resetting sensors with a quick break routine.

Kindly, follow the steps given below to run a quick break routine on your microwave oven.

  1. Get a small cup or mug made of the microwave-safe glass or plastic.
  2. Fill the mug with fresh water up to 70%, don’t get it full.
  3. Add one teaspoon of sugar or salt into water.
  4. Put the mug into your microwave.
  5. Turn on the microwave and set it at low power level.
  6. Run the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds, then turn it off.
  7. Open the microwave door and get the mug out.
  8. Press STOP/CLEAR button to complete the process.

The microwave won’t stop beeping problem should be fixed on completion of the quick break routine process. If the problem still exists then you need to try another trick.

#2. Hard Reset the Microwave

Hard Reset is a simple process that you can do by yourself. It doesn’t take much time and is very effective to fix many issues of the microwave. It is normal if your microwave beeps when there is some food or beverage inside but what if the microwave keeps beeping even if it’s empty.

I have suggested to perform a quick break routine to fix this issue but it may not work on all microwave ovens. So, the next solution is a hard reset. You should perform a hard reset on your microwave to put on a full stop on its continuous beeping sound.

You should go through the steps shared here to hard reset your microwave.

  1. Get the food plate/bowl or beverage cup/mug out of the microwave, if any.
  2. Unplug the microwave power cord from the wall outlet i.e. power source.
  3. Keep the microwave unplugged at least for 5 minutes.
  4. Plug the microwave power cord into the wall outlet again.
  5. Turn on the microwave and set the clock with current time.
  6. You have successfully completed the hard reset on your microwave.

After doing a hard reset on your microwave, it should function normally. The constant beeping issue should be gone.

#3. Cut the Sound Cord to Disconnect Speaker

In every microwave, there is a tiny speaker that makes beep sounds. The speaker gets power from the cord coming from the microwave power supply line. If you can cut the sound cord to disconnect the speaker, you can silence your microwave permanently.

Cutting the sound cord does not affect the performance of your microwave. It works normally and performs all cooking, reheating and defrosting tasks. The only thing it cannot do is to make beeping sounds as the speaker is disconnected.

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Warning: You must have enough technical knowledge and skills about microwaves to perform this procedure. In case you are not skilled enough, I strictly advice not to do it as it can make your microwave dead or malfunctioning.

#4. Contact Customer Support Team

After applying one or all three tricks shared above, your microwave keeps beeping problem should go away. If the problem still persists then it’s time to contact the customer support team of the microwave brand. For example: If you have a GE Microwave then contact GE Customer Support for help.

You should call or send email to the customer support team to register a complain about the issue. Kindly, mention your microwave model number and upload the invoice so that the customer support team can recommend an effective solution for the issue.

In case the customer support team can’t suggest a DIY solution, it will provide repair service for your microwave oven. You may need to pay the repairing charge if your microwave is out of warranty.

In this way, you can silence a microwave that keeps beeping for no reason. You should try first 3 solutions to fix the issue. If none of them work for you then the last one will definitely work.

FAQs about How to Silence a Microwave

The microwave beeps are useful but it is important to know how to silence a microwave to cook quietly. Every microwave oven has sound function that you can turn off and on as per your needs. Here I provide some FAQs about sound and silent modes on microwaves.

Q.1 How can I silence my microwave?

You can silence your microwave by pressing the sound button for 3 seconds.

Q.2 How do I silence my microwave without the sound button?

Press & Hold the Start or Stop button for 3 to 6 seconds to silence your microwave without the sound button.

Q.3 How do I silence my microwave that won’t stop beeping?

You should run a quick break routine or do a hard reset to silence your microwave that won’t stop beeping.

Summary: Have a Quiet Cooking Experience

Most microwave ovens have a button to control their sound, but some don’t have it. In case your microwave doesn’t have any sound symbol on its keypad then refer its user manual to know how to silence it. You can also visit manufacturer’s website to access the user manual online.

After silencing your microwave, you can cook all the food quietly. So, your morning and late night cooking won’t interrupt the sleep of your kids. If my suggested tricks have solved your problem, do share this post with your friends to help them learn how to silence a microwave to cook quietly.

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