Is It Safe to Use My Microwave After It Sparks?

Is It Safe to Use My Microwave After It Sparks?

The sparks inside a microwave can be normal that don’t cause any harm. However, the high intensity sparks can damage the microwave and lead to dangerous circumstances.

Therefore it is important to know if you can use your microwave after it sparks and when you should contact a microwave technician for repairing purposes.

Can My Microwave Spark Inside?

Yes, your microwave can spark inside due metal container or fatty food. Sparks inside a microwave are common and they don’t cause any harm most of the times.

If you see a little arcing or sparks inside your microwave, you must not panic about it.

The sparks in a microwave are safe as long as they are not intense and consistent. You should keep an eye inside your microwave to check for sparks and their intensity. If you see big and intense sparks inside your microwave then you should turn it off immediately.

Can My Microwave Explode?

Yes, your microwave can explode if it has intense arcing and sparks inside. The food items with high amount of fat, oil and fluid cause a microwave to explode inside during a cooking/reheating process.

The cases of a microwave explode are not as common as microwave sparks. Because sparks are normal and mostly harmless, while explosion inside a microwave can damage its interior and its components.

Can I Use My Microwave After It Sparks?

Yes, you can use your microwave after it sparks as small sparks are common in all microwave ovens. The small sparks with low intensity can occur in your microwave for some reasons but the microwave can handle them, so you can use the microwave after it sparks without worrying about anything.

The sparks with high intensity are not common and dangerous. In case your microwave showed up high intensity sparks then you cannot use your microwave after it sparks as it can lead to fire hazard and/or an explosion.

Can I Eat Food from a Microwave After It Sparks?

Yes, you can eat food from a microwave after it sparks when cooking the food. For safety purposes, you should check if the food is properly cooked and not burned or undercooked before you take it for eating.

When a microwave has a little arcing and sparks, it does not affect the food condition and its taste. But the continuous and intense sparks inside the microwave can overcook or burn the food or leave it undercooked.

The burnt or overcooked or undercooked food is never safe to eat. So, you must check the food condition and if the food is properly cooked without any unusual smell then you can consider it for eating with your family.

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What Causes a Microwave to Spark?

The sparks inside a microwave can occur because of a variety of causes. When you see sparks inside your microwave, you can scared and want to know the cause. Here I provide all possible causes of microwave sparks to help you understand it better.

#1. Metal Plate or Container:

You should never use a metal plate or bowl or container in your microwave. Because metal is not considered microwave-safe and it can cause sparks inside microwave when it comes in contact with interior walls.

The electromagnetic waves (hot microwaves) cannot penetrate metal, so the food in a metal container will take longer to get cooked than other containers. It can also cause overheating of your microwave which can damage it.

A small piece or several pieces of metal can cause sparks inside the microwave. So, the metal can cause sparks inside the microwave, slow cooking and overheating like issues.

#2. Infected Waveguide Cover:

Magnetron is the main component of your microwave, it generates electromagnetic waves heat up the food. The Waveguide cover works as a guide for heat waves to divert them towards center of the microwave where the food is placed. This is how your microwave cooks the food.

When the Waveguide cover is infected by food splatters, particles and grease, it cannot work properly. As a result, you may see sparks inside your microwave oven. The infected or broken Waveguide cover can cause sparks and arcing inside the microwave.

#3. Broken or Faulty Diode:

The magnetron needs DC power to generate electromagnetic waves for heating up the food. The high voltage diode inside a microwave converts alternating current into direct current (AC to DC). It also doubles that voltage to supply enough amount of power to magnetron.

If your microwave shows sparks inside, it can be because of the broken or faulty diode. Another symptom of a faulty diode is that your microwave takes longer to cook/heat up food than earlier.

#4. Food with High Minerals:

The food with high minerals are not safe to put in the microwave. Any food with high amount of iron, magnesium, selenium, water and oil can cause problems like arcing, sparks and overheating inside the microwave.

#5. Grapes in the Microwave:

Grapes are the most dangerous thing to microwave till date. If you cut grapes to half and put them in the microwave, they will cause arcing and sparks to create plasma in your microwave.

If you want to use your microwave again then you must not put grapes inside it. If you still put grapes in your microwave, it will be the last time you are using it.

#6. Worn Out Metal Rack:

Your microwave may contain a metal rack covered with plastic or other microwave-safe material. The rack inside the microwave allows you to place two plates or bowls in it at the same time.

If you are using the same rack for more than a year, its cover may have worn out. So, the metal comes in direct contact with the microwave interior. It can cause sparks inside your microwave, so you should check the rack condition if you see sparks in your microwave.

#7. Faulty Magnetron:

Magnetron is responsible for generating electromagnetic waves in the microwave. These waves are hot enough to cook the food placed inside. If the magnetron is faulty, it can cause slow cooking and sparks like problems.

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If you have technical skills to open the microwave then check the magnetron on your own. In case you don’t have those skills, you should contact a technician to get your microwave checked for the faulty magnetron.

Thus, these are the possible causes of sparks occurring inside your microwave oven.

Can Microwave Sparks Cause Fire Hazard?

Not always but Yes, microwave sparks can cause fire hazard. The minor arcing and sparks are common and not capable to cause any serious issue with your microwave. But the high intensity sparks occurring repeatedly inside the microwave can cause fire hazard soon.

The risk of fire hazard is more when the sparks inside your microwave are intense and consistent. If you see such sparks in your microwave oven, you should not continue using it because it will catch fire that will damage your microwave permanently.

When Should I Stop Using My Microwave?

When you see intense arcing and sparks every time you use your microwave, it’s time to stop using it. The sparks inside a microwave are common but they must not occur every, now and then.

The repeated occurrence of sparks can cause fire hazard inside your microwave. If the sparks catch fire inside your microwave, it can damage the microwave interior and its important parts. It can lead to damage your microwave so badly that you will have to take it to a repair shop or service center.

How to Fix Sparks Inside a Microwave

When you see sparks inside your microwave, you need to know its cause. After knowing the cause, you can take necessary action to fix the issue. Here I will explain some effective solutions for sparks in a microwave that you can use.

Clean Metal Pieces:

The tiny pieces of metal inside the microwave cause sparks. So, you need to clean metal pieces with a soft cloth and brush. After the metal pieces are removed, your microwave won’t show sparks anymore.

Replace Metal Rack:

If the metal rack of your microwave is worn out, its metal can cause sparks when it touches the interior walls. You should replace the old rack with a new metal rack wrapped in plastic to use it safely and fix the sparks issue.

Replace Waveguide Cover:

The Waveguide Cover should be clean to allow proper operation of your microwave. If it is infected or broken,the heat can’t be diverted properly that leads to sparks. In such circumstances, you should replace Waveguide Cover to resolve your microwave sparking problem.

Repair or Replace Diode and Magnetron:

The microwave can spark inside due to the faulty diode or magnetron. You should get your microwave checked by a technician and ask him to repair or replace the high voltage diode or magnetron or both if needed.

In this way, you can fix sparking issue for your microwave to use it safely.

Safety Tips to Prevent Microwave Sparks in Future

When you see sparks and arcing inside your microwave, you take necessary action to get rid of sparks. Thereafter I have some safety tips that you can follow to prevent sparks inside your microwave in future.

  • Clean your microwave interior after every use to remove unwanted dirt, food splatters or particles.
  • Check the Waveguide Cover of your microwave once a week or fortnight. If you find it dirty, immediately clean it.
  • Never use a metal container, aluminum foil or any other plate/bowl that is not labeled as microwave-safe.
  • Never use a metal rack that is not wrapped/covered with plastic for microwave safety.
  • Never put grapes or any other food containing high amount of minerals like iron, magnesium, selenium, water or oil.
  • Never microwave poptart wrap or any other wrap that is not safe for the microwave.
  • If you see high intensity sparks or arcing inside your microwave, turn it off immediately and unplug its power cord from wall outlet.
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With help of the safety tips shared here, you can use your microwave oven safely and prevent sparks from occurring in future.

FAQs about Causes and Solutions For a Sparking Microwave

The tiny sparks inside a microwave are common and won’t cause any harm but some sparks are dangerous. Therefore you should know the cause of microwave sparks and learn about its solutions to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Here I provide some necessary questions about what to do when your microwave sparks inside and I will also answer each question. You should read all FAQs and their answers given below.

Q.1 Is it safe to cook in a microwave after it sparks?

Yes, it is safe to cook in a microwave after it sparks as long as the intensity of sparks was low and they don’t appear repeatedly.

Q.2 Is a microwave broken if it sparks?

No, a microwave is not broken if it sparks, it can also happen due to one or several metal pieces inside the microwave. So, it is important to check for the causes of sparks first and only then you can know why the microwave sparks inside.

Q.3 Is a sparking Microwave dangerous?

Yes, a sparking microwave is dangerous if the sparks are high and consistent. The consistent sparks inside a microwave can catch fire and damage its interior & internal parts.

Q.4 Why is my microwave sparking under turntable?

Your microwave is sparking under turntable because there are food debris or particles under the turntable, on the roller ring. You can clean it with a soft cloth to stop your microwave sparking under turntable.

Final Advice: Keep Your Microwave Clean to Prevent Sparks

The microwave sparks are often caused by tiny metal pieces and food debris inside. You should clean your microwave after each use to prevent sparks. The metal container, aluminum/tin foil and ceramic are not microwave-safe, so you should not put them in the microwave.

Before you choose a plate or container, make sure it is labeled as microwave-safe to save your microwave from sparks and arcing problems. I have explained all possible caused and solutions for sparks inside a microwave to help you fix the issue ASAP.

The tiny sparks are common in any microwave, so you can use your microwave after it sparks. But the same is not applicable if your microwave sparks are high and occurring every time you use it. In that case, you should resolve your microwave sparks by following the solutions that I have shared here.

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