Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags

Top 10 My Favorite Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags of 2023

Popcorn is a delicious food that gets ready in no-time. Everyone loves eating popcorn at cinema hall or movie theaters but the use of popcorn isn’t limited to theaters. You can get some mini microwave popcorn bags and cook them on a microwave at home.

The popcorn bags are available in mini and large sizes. Most people prefer mini popcorn bags because each bag contains 1 to 2 ounces of popcorn only. Such mini bags of popcorn fit easily in any microwave oven and get ready to eat in just 2 minutes.

My Favorite Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags

Here I provide my favorite 10 mini microwave popcorn bags that are most delicious and good enough to consider for buying in 2023.

10 delicious microwave mini popcorn bags reviews

The butter popcorn is my all time favorite, while my partner likes sweet & salty popcorn. I have tasted all kinds of popcorn from all popular brands to know which brand offers better taste than others. Then I picked 10 yummy popcorn mini bags that I enjoyed eating.

#1. Pop Secret Sweet & Salty Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

Pop Secret Sweet & Salty Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags are a pack of 12 popcorn bags. Each mini bag contains 1.2-ounce of premium popcorn with old kettle corn taste. The compact size bag can fit in any microwave from 0.6 to 2.2 cubic foot microwaves. I also reviewed some of the best mini microwave that you can check here.

This sweet and salty popcorn is prepared to provide the kettle corn like taste. Each bag of popcorn is made of popcorn, salt, sucralose, rosemary extract, palm oil and perhaps some milk. The rosemary extract helps to keep the popcorn fresh for longer.

Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags
Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags

To make this popcorn suitable for health conscious people, the Pop Secret has taken care of ingredients. It does not contain cholesterol, trans fat or gluten. It is 100% whole grain, non-GMO corn without high fructose corn syrup. So, it is safe and healthy to eat for all age groups.

What We Like
  • Sweet & Salty Popcorn with Old Kettle Corn Taste
  • 0% Trans Fat, 0% Cholesterol and Gluten-free
  • Aroma and Flavor Taste Make It More Delicious
  • Non-GMO Corn, Made of 100% Whole Grain
  • One Bag Weighs 1.2-Ounce, Get Ready in 1-2 Minutes
What Need Improvement
  • Contain Milk Traces, Not Suitable for Allergic People

My Experience:

I bought this set of 12 mini popcorn bags in February. My partner needs some snacks while we are watching something on Netflix. I also eat some if it’s popcorn or pasta. When I cooked it for the first time, the Pop Secret 1.2-Oz popcorn bag took only 1 minute and 40 seconds to get ready.

My partner and I liked its taste and the aroma that encouraged me to eat more popcorn than usual. I used all 12 mini microwave popcorn bags in a month and the taste of popcorn was same in all. Overall, it’s one of the yummy & crispy microwave popcorn mini bags for people who love eating sweet & salty popcorn.

#2. ACT II Butter Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

ACT II Butter Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags are different from the Pop Secret Popcorn reviewed above. It contains 12 boxes of buttery popcorn with 3 popcorn mini bags in each box. So, it contains total 36 mini popcorn bags and each bag has 1.6-ounce popcorn.

It is made from 100% whole grain with no trans fat or gluten. Each popcorn bag is made in a way to maintain perfect balance of butter and salt to provide the most delicious experience to you and your family. It does not have any cholesterol or added sugar, so it’s safe to eat.

The manufacturer claims that its one bag of popcorn takes only 2 minutes in the microwave to get ready to eat. So, it is a perfect option for snacks when watching movies, playing video games, birthday parties or sleepover parties with friends and other occasions.

What We Like
  • Offer Great Taste with Butter and Natural Flavors
  • One Popcorn Bag Needs Only 2 Minutes of Microwaving
  • Gluten-free, Sugar-free, 0% Cholesterol and Zero Trans Fat
  • 1.6-Ounce Popcorn in Each Bag with Buttery & Salty Taste
  • Made of 100% Whole Grain with Less than 2% Salt and Flavors
What Need Improvement
  • People Claim that the Butter Flavor is Less

My Experience:

I like butter popcorns and I was excited to taste ACT II popcorn, so I ordered this set of mini popcorn bags in early summer. The packaging was impressive and it was all good. The next day, I cooked two mini bags of popcorn in the microwave, each for 2 minutes only.

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The popcorn bags were ready on time and I didn’t find any issue in the cooking process. When I ate it first time, I noticed that the butter was not enough for butter lovers like me. My partner liked it and didn’t complain but I think it should have a bit more butter to give the yummy feel.

#3. Orville Redenbacher’s Avocado Oil Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

Orville Redenbacher’s Avocado Oil Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags are whole grain popcorn with sea salt. It comes as a box of 10 mini popcorn bags with 1.2-ounce popcorn in each bag. It does not contain any artificial flavors, dye or preservatives that are harmful for health.

It is made with 100% whole grain, non-GMO corn with avocado oil and simple sea salt. It is 100% gluten-free and it does not contain cholesterol or added sugar. So, it is safe to eat for people with cholesterol or sugar problems.

This tender white popcorn is made to cook in the Battery Powered Microwave & compact microwave. One popcorn mini bag takes less than 2 minutes to get ready to let you cook it fast during family movie time, birthday parties and gaming fun parties of kids.

What We Like
  • Delicious Whole Grain Popcorn Made with Avocado Oil and Sea Salt
  • No Artificial Flavors, No Dye and No Preservatives
  • 100% Gluten-free, Sugar-free and Cholesterol-free
  • Microwave for Just 2 Minutes to Get It Ready to Eat
What Need Improvement
  • Not Found any cons

My Experience:

My mom and dad are fond of watching old movies along with eating popcorn together. On last Christmas, I found this simple pack of avocado oil popcorn mini bags with sea salt and I bought it for my parents and gifted this yummy popcorn pack to them.

My mom doesn’t like the taste of butter and my dad has cholesterol problem. So, this Orville Redenbacher’s Avocado Oil Microwave Popcorn is perfect for my parents. It doesn’t contain butter or cholesterol or added sugar, the simple salted taste is ideal for elderly people.

After a month, I talked to my mom and dad about these popcorn mini bags and they told me how tasty they are. My mom asked me to send some more Avocado Oil Popcorn packs to her and I bought two more packs for them.

#4. Jolly Time New Mini’s Microwave Popcorn Bags

Jolly Time New Mini’s Microwave Popcorn Bags offer a combined taste of yummy butter and sea salt. It comes in a pack of 3 boxes in which each box contains 10 1.5-ounce mini popcorn bags. So, you will get total 30 microwave popcorn bags to use for several weeks.

You can make total 5 cups of popped popcorn from one bag. It contains 35 calories per cup, so you can always know how much calories you consume while eating popcorn. The light butter flavor with sea salt provide superb taste in every bite.

It is made with whole grain, non-GMO corn, palm oil, clarified butter and sea salt. It does not contain gluten, added sugar or cholesterol. It is proudly made in the USA by Jolly Time, America’s first popcorn brand, so you can trust it for good quality.

What We Like
  • Whole Grain Popcorn without Gluten or Added Sugar
  • Made in the USA by America’s First Brand of Popcorn
  • Offer Mixed Taste of Yummy Butter and Sea Salt
  • Take Only 1-2 Minutes to Get Ready in the Microwave
  • Best Popcorn for Butter Lovers
What Need Improvement
  • Some People Claim that It’s More Salty

My Experience:

Jolly Time was the first American popcorn brand and the first popcorn I considered for the research to find most delicious popcorn. This buttery salty popcorn bags have amazing freshness that remains for months.

I bought this combo pack of butter popcorn on July 4 and cooked it in the evening of that day. My partner and I had it together and he liked it more. I love popcorn with more butter, so I thought it would be more delicious if there was more butter. But my partner said that the butter flavor was enough for most people. Overall, it’s good quality popcorn bags with yummy taste.

#5. Orville Redenbacher’s Skinnygirl Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

Orville Redenbacher’s Skinnygirl Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags are an ideal food to use as quick snacks. It is a pack of 6 boxes in which each box contains 10 mini microwave popcorn bags. Each bag contains 1.5-ounce popcorn that can fill up to 6 cups after popped up in the microwave.

Each cup of popcorn has 25 calories, so one bag of popcorn can offer 150 to 160 calories. The popcorn is made of all natural ingredients including whole grain corn with palm oil, butter, sea salt and natural flavor. It also contains tocopherols i.e. vitamin E to offer freshness in popcorn.

It contains no gluten, no trans fat and no cholesterol. So, it is safe to eat for people with high cholesterol or celiac disease. It is also sugar-free, so you cat eat it everyday without worrying about your sugar level.

What We Like
  • Light and Fluffy Popcorn with Butter and Salt Taste
  • Tocopherols (Vit.-E) Keep the Popcorn Fresh for Longer
  • Sugar-free, Gluten-free and Cholesterol-free
  • Ideal for Movie Parties, Girls’ Nights and Game Parties
  • Made of Whole Grain without Any Artificial Flavors
  • People Claim that It is As Good As Advertised
What Need Improvement
  • Nothing

My Experience:

I heard about the partnership of Skinnygirl and Orville Redenbacher’s to provide sensible popcorn snacks. I am a big fan of Skinnygirl coffee, so I wanted to taste its popcorn prepared by Orville Redenbacher’s. Therefore I bought this microwave mini popcorn bags in January.

I cooked one bag of this buttery popcorn to check the taste and flavor. The popcorn had an amazing smell that started spreading as I get the bag out of my microwave. My partner and I ate the entire bag (1.5-ounce) of popcorn and we both liked it.

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The perfect balance of butter and sea salt made this popcorn more desirable for my family. My kids always demand for this popcorn even if we have some other popcorn flavors. Some people complain about early expiry date but my pack came with the expiration date after one year. So, I didn’t face that issue.

#6. Jolly Time Blast-O-Butter Mini’s Microwave Popcorn Bags

Jolly Time Blast-O-Butter is one of the yummiest butter popcorn bags I have ever tasted. It is available in the pack of 3 boxes with 10 1.5-ounce butter popcorn bags in each box. It is an ultimate theater style popcorn that tastes exactly as you have eaten at movie theaters.

It contains 1.5-ounce of buttery salty popcorn in each bag. It comes in ready to microwave condition, so you don’t need to add extra salt or other seasoning powder. Simply, get one mini microwave popcorn bag out of the box, open it and put it in the microwave to get ready in minutes.

It is made of whole grain non-GMO popcorn, palm oil, salt, butter, natural flavors and annatto for color. It also contains dry buttermilk, milk ingredients and rosemary extract to maintain its flavor for long time. It is also free from added sugar, cholesterol and trans fat, so it’s safe to eat for all.

What We Like
  • Extreme Hot Buttery Popcorn for Butter Lovers
  • Whole Grain Popcorn without Added Sugar or Cholesterol
  • 1.5-Ounce Bag Can Fill Up to 4.5 Cups After Popped
  • Take Only 2 Minutes to Get Ready in the Microwave
  • Come in Ready to Cook Condition, No Need of Extra Seasoning
What Need Improvement
  • Contain Milk, Not Suitable for Milk Allergic People

My Experience:

I wanted large popcorn with more butter which I got in this Jolly Time Blast-O-Butter popcorn bags. It comes in theater style with extreme hot buttery flavor, so I decided to give it a chance. Being a butter lover, I wanted to eat this popcorn bags with my partner and our kids.

I prepared two mini microwave popcorn bags in my GE countertop microwave oven. Each bag took only 1 minute and 50 seconds to pop all popcorn kernels. The taste of butter I had in this popcorn was far better than other butter flavored popcorn I had earlier.

My kids loved this popcorn and so did I, the flavor and quality was best as per my experience. It is true that it’s made for the real butter lovers like me and my kids but I think everybody will like its consistent yummy taste.

#7. Pop Secret Butter Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

Pop Secret Butter Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags 12 bags of premium popcorn in one large box. It offers classic butter taste with seasoning of salt and lactic acid. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, dyes or preservatives which make it safe to eat for everyone.

Every single bag of 1.12-ounce popcorn contains 100 calories. You can pop one bag of popcorn in the microwave in less than 2 minutes. Each popcorn will be light and fluffy after popped and its aroma of butter will grab everyone’s attention.

In addition to flavor and taste, the Pop Secret has taken care of health of its customers. It has made this popcorn from 100% whole grain, non-GMO corn with 0% trans fat, 0% cholesterol and 0% added sugar. It is also gluten-free to provide safe and happy eating to all.

What We Like
  • Classic Butter Taste with Salt and Lactic Acid
  • Annatto Extract and Paprika Extract, No Artificial Flavors
  • Made of Whole Grain, Non-GMO Corn with High Fiber
  • One Bag Contain Only 100 Calories, So No Extra Calories
  • 100% Gluten-free, Sugar-Free and Has Zero Cholesterol
What Need Improvement
  • Some People Have Popcorn Burning Problem

My Experience:

The Pop Secret is known for its promising quality and I always appreciate that. This time, I purchased this set of 12 microwave mini popcorn bags of classic butter taste flavor for my birthday party. I called up my friends, my parents and my in-laws for the party on August 8.

I spent my whole day in preparation of various food items, while my partner and kids did all the decoration. I cooked all 12 mini bags of popcorn in the evening and served to my guests. Everyone loved the fresh taste of buttery popcorn except my parents who don’t eat buttery food much.

Some people complained about popcorn burning issue but I didn’t face any such problem. As per my experience, Pop Secret has done a really good job to provide delicious taste without any artificial flavors or colors. So, I really like this classic butter popcorn from Pop Secret.

#8. Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Microwave Popcorn Mini Bags

Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Butter Popcorn Mini Bags are on 8th place in my picked top 10 most delicious popcorn bags of all time. It contains 12 single serve mini bags of 1.5-ounce in each bag. The manufacturer has used real butter and natural flavors in making of these popcorn bags.

These buttery popcorn bags are filled with whole grain popping corn, pam oil, salt and real butter. The natural flavors and annatto extract provide proper taste flavor, while mixed tocopherols with vitamin E preserve freshness in popcorn for longer.

It is safe to eat for children, adults and elderly people. These popcorn mini bags are 100% sugar-free, gluten-free and have zero trans fat. It does not contain any cholesterol, so people with high cholesterol issue can also enjoy eating it.

What We Like
  • Yummy Popcorn Snacks with Real Butter and Salt
  • 100% Sugar-free Popcorn, Suitable for Everyone
  • One Popcorn Bag Fills Up about 5 Cups After Popped
  • Mixed Tocopherols Keep the Popcorn Fresh for Long Time
  • Whole Grain Popcorn without Artificial Flavors or Dyes
What Need Improvement
  • Some People Find It a Bit More Expensive

My Experience:

I have tasted so many buttery popcorn snacks yet I am always excited for Orville Redenbacher’s because it’s a good brand. I got this box of 12 microwave mini popcorn bags in May. At that time, we were planning a family picnic trip to Vegas in our RV.

Everyone in my family loves eating light snacks during travel, so I kept this yummy butter popcorn bags in the food bag and took it to the trip. I cooked four popcorn bags one-by-one in the built-in microwave of our RV and it worked fine.

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The aroma of popcorn filled the whole RV with its mouthwatering smell. We all enjoyed eating the popcorn and the taste was really good. Some people claim that it’s more expensive than other popcorn. It’s true but the manufacturer has not compromised with the quality and taste of the popcorn which is appreciable.

#9. Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100’s Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags

Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100’s Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags are healthy and crispy popcorn for kids and adults. It has whole grain popcorn, butter, palm oil and sea salt as main ingredients. For freshness and flavoring, it has rosemary extract, natural flavors and milk traces.

You can get it as a pack of 12 microwave mini popcorn bags in which each bag contains 1.2-ounce of popcorn kernels. You can microwave each bag separately as and when someone want to eat popcorn. It will take less than 2 minutes to pop an entire popcorn mini bag in the microwave.

This healthy pop butter popcorn is much better than any fat butter popcorn. One bag turns into 5 cups after popped and each cup contains 20 calories. So, it will add 100 calories to your intake if you eat an entire mini bag of this yummy buttery popcorn.

What We Like
  • Whole Grain Popcorn with Butter and Natural Flavors
  • Offer 100 Calories Per Bag and 94% Fat-free
  • Easy to Prepare in the Microwave in 1-2 Minutes
  • Rosemary Extract Maintain Freshness for Better Eating Experience
  • High Fiber and Carbs, Zero Trans Fat, Sugar and Cholesterol
What Need Improvement
  • Some People Complain about Not Popping Problem

My Experience:

My younger sister loves eating popcorn and pasta but she is health conscious too. It’s her birthday in October 10 and I wanted to gift her a precious pair of clothes with her favorite butter popcorn. So, I ordered this healthy pop butter popcorn by Jolly Time.

After a week of her birthday party, I called her up to know how was she and the popcorn. She replied with a big smile on her face that she loved these healthy popcorn bags. They are easy to prepare in the microwave and don’t contain much fat or calories.

#10. BELLATAVO Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn Mini Bags

BELLATAVO Orville Redenbacher’s Butter Popcorn Mini Bags are naturally flavored microwave popcorn bags. It contains total 12 mini popcorn bags with 1.5-ounce popcorn in each bag. You can microwave it in the bag and serve it in the bowl to your friends and family members.

It is made of 100% whole grain and non-GMO popcorn kernels. The butter flavor in this popcorn is natural and gluten-free. It also contains palm oil and salt for creating theater like tasteful popcorn at home. You can cook it out of the box, there is no need to add any extra seasoning powder.

The manufacturer has added annatto, turmeric and paprika for better color of the popcorn. It also has mixed tocopherols to keep freshness in popcorn but there are no artificial flavors or dyes or preservatives. So, it is safe to eat this butter popcorn for everyone.

What We Like
  • Whole Gran, Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels
  • 0% Trans Fat, 0% Cholesterol and 0% Added Sugar
  • Natural Flavors and Colors for Naturally Better Taste
  • Mixed Tocopherols Preserve Freshness in Popcorn
What Need Improvement
  • No Problem

My Experience:

The Orville Redenbacher’s is known for a balanced taste in its popcorn. I ordered this butter popcorn bags last month and it’s over now. I have cooked all 12 mini popcorn bags in a month and my family finished them all.

The butter and salt tastes were mixed well and the all bags had equally crispy popcorn. I like popcorn with more butter but it had kept a balance of butter and salt, so butter lovers like me may not get enough from this pack but it’s really good in taste and flavor.

Each bag took only 1 minute and 45 seconds to get popped in the microwave. I didn’t face any problem of burning or leaking or not-popping while making any of the 12 microwave mini popcorn bags at home.

FAQs about Mini Microwave Popcorn Bags

The microwave mini popcorn bags are easy to prepare and they take only 2 minutes in the microwave. Before you try cooking a mini bag of popcorn, let me explain some FAQs about them so that you can understand it and cook it in an ideal way.

Q.1 How long do you microwave a mini popcorn bag?

You need to microwave a mini popcorn bag for 1 to 2 minutes only.

Q.2 How big is a mini bag of popcorn?

A mini bag of popcorn is as big as 1.6-ounce and as small as 1.2-ounce depending upon its brand and package size.

Q.3 How many cups of popcorn are in a mini microwave bag?

There are 4 to 6 cups of popcorn in a mini microwave bag with 1.2 t0 1.6-ounce popcorn kernels in each bag.

Q.4 What oil is best for microwave popcorn?

Avocado Oil is best for microwave popcorn. You can also use walnut oil or extra virgin olive oil for better taste and maintain good health.

Wrapping Up: Get Yummy Popcorn in 2 Minutes

The popcorn can take several minutes to get popped in a stove, popper or microwave oven. The cooking time depends upon the quantity of popcorn, so the microwave mini popcorn bags get ready faster than any regular popcorn bag.

I have suggested my favorite 10 most delicious microwave mini popcorn bags that are worth your attention. I have included all natural flavored popcorn bags which are safe for health. The mini popcorn bags are microwave-safe, so you can put the bag directly in the microwave.

You can get the popcorn out of bag after they are popped and ready to serve in the bowl. You can microwave one mini bag of popcorn for 1-2 minutes and it will be ready to eat. It’s faster than any other quick snack you have in your kitchen.

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